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What my Garden of Eden would look like
If I had a Garden of Eden

If I had a Garden of Eden what would it look like ,what would it be like
A garden just for me that would suit me just fine
A garden with a big brass gate shining in the sun
The garden would be under lock and key
On either side of the gate would be two brick walls at least 10 to 20 feet tall
Glass windows two would adorn the wall ,one on each side about five feet up and three feet wide
In the middle of the garden would be a water fountain a least eight feet tall and wide
The fountain would be an emerald castle
Water coming from every window
The water when drunk heals body,mind and soul
Around the fountain would be three giant trees one for Father ,Son and Holy Ghost
The trees at least 20 feet tall and still growing
On tree gives life you see
The next gives wisdom and the last gives peace
How you say just take and eat a piece of fruit it’s not forbidden at all you see
Provided you can get into the garden that’s under lock and key

Just on the other side of the gate are angels standing guard with flaming sword
Only the pure in heart may enter and come near
There are fruits of every kind I like in this garden
The best things is they grow all year long no matter what
Big grape vines with grapes as big as you palms
One on each side of the windows the vines running to and fro perfectly around there seals
The garden would have plenty of flowers all along the ten foot wall
The wall would be in an oval shape 50 feet around ,encircling everything perfectly
The flowers would be blue,green,red ,aquamarine,pink and yellow
Within the garden would be a few benches here and there

The benches would have gold all along there edges
People would surely come and stare
Bird houses would line the right side of the garden all colors, shapes and sizes at least 20 or 30
Two more fruit trees
On the left side of the garden there would be a horse of a different color in his middle would be books
A horse book shelf yes in deed with a see through glass door
I want to see ever book however they do need to be protected

Than two more fruit trees
The path leading through the garden would be laid with yellow,goldish bricks
The lighted poles would look like they give off an emerald light at night
The poles would be along the path six on the right and six on the left
My Garden of Eden how beautiful it would be
What would your Eden look like?

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