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Thinking through my pain again
I am too saved for the world too lost for the church
So I grew up in the church and have been in VA all my life
It only hurts when I think about it
However I have no tribe
Yes I have people I was born to however they’re not my tribe
The state to which I belong too keeps trying too get me too move away and never return
I have a church or two I attend however I am not a part of them
They make that all so clear
The world doesn’t want me because they see enough light to despise me
The church doesn’t want me because they don’t see nearly enough light

It only hurts when I think about,so mostly I choose not to think at all about it
You get on our nerves talking all that Jesus stuff
If he so great why you so messed up and messy says the world
You talk a good game says the church but that’s all you do is talk ,be gone
You are so weird if you just dropped the Jesus stuff we could like you says the world
You should drop the Jesus stuff says the church you aren’t good at it at all
You know that Jesus is a matter of opinion, your opinion says the world
No I know he’s a fact and he lives within me
Do you all know he was really a person that’s a historical fact
You know you so messed up and messy says the church you make us look bad
As a matter of fact you lucky we tolerate you at all

You’ve been around for a long while don’t you see we don’t have your back,that we don’t care
Where have you been and why haven’t you been paying attention
Pay attention ,learn something and get it together or stop coming back
We hate to see you coming and love to see you going

I have Jesus in my heart
Yeah right and that’s frightening to us since you still so messed up
It only hurts when I think about it

Natalie you are such an odd duck don’t you get tired of that church girl act says the world
We see you going to those churches and we laugh at you the fool because they have your back way back
You go to many churches and still can’t get it right
I have Jesus in my heart
Yeah right and you still a nut
Recovery does help

When you going to get a man you ice queen,he could maybe thaw you out
Poor man never mind we doubt it just play house that’s best for you no man could ever love you
You are hopeless you’ve been going down to that church and you ain’t better yet
Give up you fool get a clue and join us in the world
After all you know the way because you were quite bad when you were here before
Come on back you know you want too

Noooo,not really, I am good with that
Trapped with No place To Go and no real tribe
What’s a woman to do,try and grow up and work on herself I guess
Pray on ,cry on ,move on,that is it
Tried everything I-know to do ,prayed every prayer I know to pray and nothing still
I just was not meant for this world
There’s a Jesus for all this of course however we can’t seem to get and stay on the same page
There’s a Jesus for this however my communication device within seems to be broken
There’s a Jesus for this and hopefully one day I will get it right my friend
How can you get it right when everything about you seems so wrong
There’s a Jesus for that too,wish I knew him better than I do.
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