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Just some cultural stuff my culture deals with
Who made you believe that you weren't good enough that you were less than
Who made you believe young man that you didn't need to work
Who made you think that your only real worth or way to get respect is if you put a gun in your hand
Who told you that you would have respect if you killed your fellow man
Who made you believe the lie that you can make a baby but not be a father to that child
Who made you believe that your baby's mama was not to be respected
Was it your mom or your Dad or grandparents someone you have seen on tv
Who made you believe or even think that jail was a nice place to stay
Who made you think it was okay to be so disrespectful to your mama
Who did you see live this lie, who was it, my friend?

Who told you young lady the only way to be loved is to give yourself away
Who told you that having baby after baby was okay
Who told you a man says I love you by giving you a punch in the eye
Who told you you have to live on warfare until you die
Why are you buying into all these lies
Can't you see young sister that you have worth
Don't you want to see some peace old woman before you close your eyes?

Please, please let's open up our eyes to all these lies.
Don't you realize that one day there will be a payday
Please let us take some action to stop the lies in their tracks
Lets us share true facts with one another
Like you are loved
Like you matter to this world and our loved by your creator
Like no man truly can judge you,hold you down and or back
Like you are worth the fight
Let's build a brighter future hand in hand you and me!

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