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thinking and dreaming
I have a different dream, a dream that is akin to Martin Luther King's dream, it sure is. However, the struggle has changed some in the last 50 or so years since this speech came to be. As much as things have changed though there is much that remains the same.
I have a dream also today that our black brothers and sisters will not be shot down for jogging in the wrong neighborhood or while lying in bed only to be surprised by large white men with a badge kicking in their door and opening fire on anything that moves.
I think this dream my dream is reasonable I do.

I have a dream that our little black children will one day be able to get the best education money can buy just like little white boys and girls. Maybe even they can even sit down together at a 1st class school. The same first-class school and not just a token black.
I think that dream is more than reasonable. I hope you do too.

I have a dream that one day the mentally ill will not have to live in shame and darkness because they would rather live there than come out into the light to get help because they are afraid of the world's judgment and reprisal. that those actually trying to get help can get help and get it for free if need be.That monitoring boards that monitor people that fell because of addiction or mental health will not be pimped out by these boards, lied to, and made to feel that they are less than others and that finding redemption is almost impossible.

That in the family courts, families that really want to stay together will be helped to stay together. not ripped apart by a system that doesn't care one way or the other. That folks that really don't need children in their care on the flip side will not have them. That those children will be put someplace safe and the parents will be punished for the harm they have done but also be offered help for their sick minds. That the powers that be when the time is right will let them step back into their child's life and help them safely reconnect.

That children with limited abilities will be treated just like everyone else. Giving them the same chance to live, move, breathe, and have they're being without unnecessary struggles.I have a dream that people who are different for any reason will not be feared but loved, supported, and encouraged even if and when we don't agree with their lifestyle choices.
Today I keep dreaming because, along the way in life, I was told God could do anything but fail. I dream big and out loud. I dream a dream that is big and bold but not impossible with the help of you and me.
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