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TV anchors do their show live (for the last time?) from an unlikely place.
Rachel Howard, Live

“Rachel Howard, reporting live from the command post. Aaron Rogers and I are standing at the control panel; my entire body is shaking uncontrollably, as you can see. We have been commanded by the President of the United States to press one of these buttons—our choice. We don't know why, for sure; we can only guess. Tension is building. Can you feel it?

Which button, Aaron?

How should I know, Rachel?

If we choose wrong, what will happen, Aaron?

How should I know? Pick one.

The wrong one could mean the end of the world, dear viewers, right Aaron?

Rachel is one of those glass-half-empty kinds of girls, right Rachel?

Aaron, did you just laugh? This isn't funny.

I snorted.

You snorted?

I snorted. I’m admitting live, on the air, that I snort when I’m scared.

So, dear viewers, Aaron Rogers isn’t this big, macho kind of guy he portrays every night on ‘News at Ten with Aaron Rogers and Rachel Howard’.

Rachel, just pick a flipping button and get this over with. The red one.

I thought it might be the blue one. What say you TV audience? Red or blue?

No time for a Nationwide poll, Rachel. Red's my favorite color. Go for it, girl!

I don't want that responsibility!

You think I do, Rachel?

Let's do it together then, Aaron!

Fair enough, Rachel.

Dear viewers, are you ready to watch history being made—possibly—live on 'News at Ten'-- by your favorite TV anchors, Aaron and me?

Rachel, get on with it!

Okay. Okay. Aaron and I will now join hands over the red button.

On the count of three we’ll press the red button and the world will be obliterated—or it won’t. Something will happen—possibly.





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