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Think out loud as I listen to the bible study/Biblical recovery meeting
A love that is greater than me

There is a love that is so warm and bright it is greater than me
My love can be fleeting and grounded in my selfishness and foolishness
There is a love however that is so much greater than me
A love that calls out to me and everyone
A love that I long to be filled with,that I long to over take me
I must stay in my word and keep doing the next right thing

More importantly I have to accept this love
I have to allow this love to live inside of me and let it change me
His love, Gods love, cleans up the greatest sinner
His love washes away my sin and gave himself for me
This love hung on Calvary for me
Suffered and died for me there is no greater love than this
It can cover a multitude of sins
It will not however let you hide within that sin
You must come clean my friend
Because his grace is reaching out his hand for you to take my friend
It is a protection from the power,hurt and shame of my sin

I must not give into my sin
I must reach out for that love that is greater than me
I need that love and at times it seems so far away that love
However I must not believe the lie
I must reach out for the love that is greater than me.
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