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An educational blog about how to use social media for leaders and introverts.
As a leader and an introvert, I have really struggled with social media. Maybe you struggle too. Here are some truths I would like to share today.

Social Media Is NOT The News!!!

I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but I feel like I need to say this. Anything you read on social media should be verified by numerous sources. There is a lot of content on social media that is not true. It's called social media for a reason. It's a place to be social. It's a place to meet new people, connect share socially. And we all know what happens in social situations…people chat, say things, we don’t always believe them. We take in the information with every intention of taking time later on to check it out. I have a saying: “Everyone gets exactly what they are looking for and there's room for everyone.” By this I mean, please remember that some people have the need to try to influence other people, even control other people so you will want to remember that as you read what some might call "news" on social media. Just verify before you believe or share.

Please Choose The High Road

Sometimes, we see a post and it can be tempting to vent, rant, react, share from an unempowered place. It might feel good for a second, but in the end, it is not going to help the situation. It's like when you want that massively huge, yummy chocolate chip cookie so bad, and you just can't stop yourself. So, you eat the cookie, feel the bliss for a few seconds and then afterwards you feel awful and, well you know the rest!!

It’s like that on social media. You will feel so strongly about something that you just gotta say that thing, react, share, vent and for 1 or 2 seconds you will feel relief but then you plummet to the depths of "Why did I get sucked in?" Suddenly, the haters descend upon your feed, spewing their hate, vomiting on your newsfeed until your feed has nothing to do with your message, your mission or your movement! Trust me, I speak from experience!

For me, social media is a place to uplift, inspire and connect. I believe in free speech! Each person gets to express their message as they wish but please, post it on your own social media!

Be Present

The days of sharing post after post, promoting your thing over and over again and not stopping to care, to engage and interact are over. This is a waste of time. You will get more results from pausing to leave a heartfelt message, being present for a conversation, than all the posting in the world. Try being present twice a day, really taking the time to authentically connect, engage and get real for a few minutes. You will be amazed at the results!

Stay Connected
I really want to encourage you to stay connected with people through your own website and email marketing. It is very risky to rely on social media to reach or stay in touch with your community of referral partners, potential clients, and current and past clients. You never know when a particular social media platform will start charging you to reach your people! We’ve seen it happen with the Facebook business page. A social media platform could even disappear. So, create your own website. And create an email mailing list on a permission-based platform so you can continue to nurture the relationships until they are ready to work with you or refer you. Your email marketing is mostly to educate, inspire and motivate, with a little sales. If you’re too sales-y people will unsubscribe.

By Diana Concoff Morgan

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