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Stuff I came up with regarding potions that can turn people into hucows. Updated.
So I have been thinking of lewd potion stuff lately for my writing and probably my friends', and here's one about turning people into hucows. Now this is mostly going to be about girls getting hucowed up, but I'll leave the chance for guys being turned too as long as it's something once every ten chapters. There are two variants, a normal and extra strength potion.

What both potions do:
Underdeveloped/aged girls and guys who drink the potion get the super bimbo body here by LordDragonMaster https://www.deviantart.com/lorddragonmaster/art/Bimbo-Transformation-Chart-73372... , but any girl with some curves just get the super bimbo bod curves added to her own. the potions would direct IQ points into assets, hips, and thighs turning the drinker into a bimbo at first, but then would redirect the remaining iq points into milk production and fertility leaving the new hucow a cow trapped into a human body. She will get her mind back after being impregnated in the 9th month of pregnancy and be submissive towards her child(ren)'s father. A male who undergoes this transformation will be female on all levels, and while retain their core personality and beliefs albeit now girly.

Restoration and ageing up or down
Anyone older than 35 who drinks this potion will get knocked back down to 20, anyone younger than 14 will age up to that age or 16. Unless you're willing to tamper with the potion to make oppai loli hucows that is, but I'm moving away from loli stuff in general so yeah. Women who have their hymens broken will have them restored when the hucow transformation is finished after drinking the potion or transformation milk, the girls will be eternally tight, and I figured if you have some ordinarily incurable disease you can drink the potion or transformation milk if you're willing to embrace the life of hucowhood.

Here's what the extra strength hucow potion does:
1: It still does everything the normal one does, but the hucow's milk can turn other girls and guys into hucows too. The hucow will only produce this milk after an orgasm and the first guy to cum inside this cowbrained dairy factory will be immune to the getting turned into a hot babe with the brain of a cow effect, and may get manlier too(if you're a shota you may become a shota stud the way I do them). Much like the potions' restoration abilities and deaging effects apply to the milk too. These new hucows produced through the extra strength potion and the stronger milk also get their brains back when they get 9mths preggo too. Additionally, the main hucow will lose this super milk ability when she gets to the final pregnancy month, and her milk will just be super tasty and nutritious. I already said the girls when they get their brains back would be submissive, but these hucows will see the guy who cums in them as their master/lover/caretaker. I felt like this was needed because once they get their brains back there'd be plenty of angry girls wondering how they became total sex bombs with babies on the way after you convinced them to drink your hip new energy drink that tastes like breast milk. But if they were to willingly drink the potion or transformation milk knowing what it does, seeing the guy as a master/owner does not apply. As stated earlier, once a hucow gets her brains back she cannot produce milk that can turn other people into hucows. But if she drinks the potion again she will become cowbrained once more and be able to make the transformative milk, and she doesn't have to become pregnant again to return to normal. Another potion can fix that right up.

A: The transformation milk can only be milked after ten minutes of the hucow's orgasm and after that it's regular milk.

B: The first 2-10 people who drink the original hucow's transformation milk will become hucow queens while the original becomes an empress. The transformation effects of a queen's milk would take longer as in a day for a girl and 2 days for a guy to reach hucowhood. On full moons, a normal hucow can be upgraded into a queen if you give her an empress' milk.

C: if you were to give someone a glass of transformation milk from an empress and the queens they would have an instant transformation, and the new cowbrained girl known as a hucow princess would get a body like this https://www.deviantart.com/levith890/art/fubuki-one-punch-man-967416892 most of the time. The transformative royal milk puts whoever drinks it into a pure state of bliss as they become a cow princess for five minutes. So for example if you drunk it on accident you'd be on cloud nine as someone explains it most likely saying the most you things possible "oh I'm going to become a sex bomb with a cow mind until I'm close to having a baby? That's cool" and probably after you get your brains back "wtf I'm a hot girl going to have quadruplets?!" Whoever drinks the princess' milk will be put int he same state of bliss as the princess was and the transformation into hucowhood will last five minutes. whatever is said to the new girl in those 5 minutes will become truth. Be it her behavior, her feelings, or even her skills.

A: An empress' milk can slow down aging. People who drink it at a certain age may find themselves still looking and moving around like they're in their 20s or 30s or when mixed with the right ingredients and with the milk of a queen(s) may physically regress down to that age bracket like how the transformative milk can do. If you happen to have an empress, ten queens, and maybe 2-6 princesses you can just bathe in it and you and your milky harem can be technically 80 years old and still be biologically in the prime of your lives.

B: The extra strength potion is super rare to find and hard to make, and you have to know what you're doing when upgrading the normal variant to it, as in following everything to the letter or it goes boom and you become a variant of the empress known as an untammed empress that produces pheromones that make people want to drink your milk, and this milk is 100% the transformative kind. The first ten as usual becomes queens, and the untamed empress won't stop making transformation milk until a man cums in her. And just how the extra strength potion comes to be, well I think I'll just have it spawns into the world and the MC of a story has to go through a lot of trouble to find it like finding it into an underground pyramid in some lost island.

D: The milk of hucows who aren't human can have special properties. To give an example if you're an elf hucow your milk would be very great at deaging.

9-30-23 Update:
I was mulling over a new potion to go along with this and here's what I got.
The middle management potion: A potion that turns the drinker into a hucow but one who still has her mind.
This one does all the physical attribute changes like both of them do, if a guy were to drink it he'd get the super bimbo body and be a fertile lactating babe, but instead of becoming an idiot who has the mind of a cow until someone knocks her up, here's what people who drink this version has to expect.

1: She'd become the type of girl who loves being objectified, manhandled, getting rough love. She'd want the relationship where a stud treats her like his cattle that only exists to give him milk, babies, and pleasure. The type of girl who'd probably cum on the spot after being told "you're just a dumb cow on two legs" while being groped.

2: Increased masochism and exhibitionism. What hucow wouldn't love being dominated by her man, especially when there's a crowd?

3: Her milk would be normal breast milk. Very tasty and nutritious, but unlike milk of the royal cows from the extra strength potion it has no transformative effects. She'd have to drink the potion or transformation milk for that.

4: Very strong maternal instincts. She'd become the type of woman who'd breastfeed her kids up until they're 5 but might let say an 11 year old son get some from the tap if he asks for tit milk. After all, a good hucow mother should want her children growing up strong and healthy.

This one is rare, if it is not spawned into a world with the extra strength potion there is will be in the recipe section with the extra strength potion. The needed ingredients are the normal milk of a 2 month pregnant hucow empress, and the cum of 2-4 similarly pregnant hucow queens.
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