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Chloe is a miserable woman. I'm trying to show how unstable she is around her family.
Ethan was excited for the last day of school. He would be going to sixth grade next year but, that was next year. Chloe could not help but lash out at him.
"You may not even pass this year. Did you do your homework for a change? Your teacher said you seldom turn it in on time."
"Mom it's the last day of school, we didn't have homework last night. Finals were last week. They stopped teaching us anything new about then."
"We'll see about that later. Make sure you bring me your report card when you get home. Don't make me come looking for it; do you understand me?"
"Yeah mom, I'll see you later." He slammed the car door for good measure, leaving his mother brewing in her own hell. He was sure that he would hear about it later.
Chloe bawled all the way back to the house that her husband Ian had provided for them. Ian being a cop, things were unusual for them. He worked nights. The rest of the family was on day shift. She lived in fear of that dreaded phone call saying that he had been killed in the line of duty. It was an unrelenting fear for him that she lived with every day of her life. The only regret she had was when she married him. She found the fear impossible to live with most of the time. It was all consuming for her. She cried herself to sleep worrying about Ian. The bed that he had custom made for their first anniversary comforted her.
She awoke after ten, Ian should have been home by now. He was not in their bed. She finally heard him in the kitchen.
"Ian you really need to speak with your son about slamming the car door again." She found herself speaking to his back once again. She felt like he was ignoring her, like always. "Did you hear me Ian?"
"Yes Chloe, I heard you. You want to have a cup of coffee with me?" He knew she was upset over Ethan slamming the car door, this was all he could do to try and calm her He turned to face her, offering up the cup of coffee in time for her to knock it out of his hand. The white mug crashed to the floor shattering into what seemed like a million pieces. He grabbed her pulling her close, he would not let this hug stop until she had calmed down. She shivered and sobbed in his arms. No worse than usual he thought, holding her tight, just another meltdown.

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