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a demon gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a human grows sick of daily life.
What?? Why would you give me your body to control?

Greetings dear demon. I have an offer for you. My mind works fine but I am too busy to do the damned busy work myself. I have a body, a life. Dishes to do, people to see, work to complete. I’m bored of it all. With something like you, contracted to care for these daily rituals of life, I’ll last longer in this world and then my mind will be free to pursue other endeavors.

Very well human, but you should know, these things come with a price…

I know. Just tell me the cost, so I can get on with my life.

I shall have free will over your body, with your mind being yours to keep. I shall clean your dishes, type your essays, sleep when appropriate. Tell me what to do, or not. I don’t need your instructions if you are too busy to consider your needs. I will care for your life as it will be my own- any bodily comfort, I will deliver for you. Work task, school deliverable, your cat crying for attention- if it is a need, it is done.

I’m aware, Demon. I asked you for exactly that. What about the cost? All you want is a body to puppet?

Nay, human. I need not a puppet- for that is all you wish your body to be. Here is my price-
You will be conscious. Aware as we go throughout your daily motions. You shall be chained to my actions. But you must experience these things too, for I am convinced this is the only way you can suffer for our contract.

Demon, that sounds a fair price. But you won’t have your total control. I wish to be seen as myself when interacting with others, or recording my thoughts. Humans are materialistic, but not me. Do and take as you please, but allow me to record my thoughts as I please.

Nay, human. You think I’d give you free reign over my body? Think again. You may watch me write. I shall possess you whenever I please. And I shall overcome your control, should you start to prevent me from my tasks. I shall be a cruel and ruthless slave of yours, and do exactly what you told me to do. Which is take care of you. See your needs attended to. Care for your body, home, and soul. I understand you may not have the same priorities, but after all, this is what you hired me for.

The contract is drawn, demon. Take good care of me and I shall suffer for your efforts. As long as I have my time to control, repossess, and extract my thoughts from time to time.

Certainly I shall allow you your time. I shall always allow you that which you need.

Demon, I trust you more than I trust myself. This body is yours to do with as you please. Stand tall and proud as I.

Thank you for your trust. The contract is sealed.
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