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A brief getaway for the mind with a chance to get to see her.
Close your EYE & come with me to a place...

Oh, how the radiant sun pecks our faces as we crack a curve with our lips to express the joy that this kind of attention brings. The wind gives a charitable brush to our skin while softly whispering in our ears. Whispering a reminder that we belong here. Together, we notice how the grass gently supports our presence. Every breath enlightens the environment's sweet fragrance, flooding our nostrils with the smell of Jasmines with a hint of honeysuckle. The trees are so vibrant and dance in tempo with the wind. The bright blue sky allows the clouds to be free. Floating to the surface of the earth to provide a personal welcome to us both. So close, the sensation of attempting to touch them is oh-so-real. Then a soft alluring giggle steals your focus.

You glance to your left and notice the sun complimenting her light brown colored eyes which give a bit of a Japanese curve. The Reseez Cup mixture skin tone shines as if life was too good to her. There's a bit of a warm confusion as you notice her hair, are they dreadlocks? You are intrigued by their uniqueness. Are they surely locks? they seem a bit too soft and curly. You settle that whatever she is genetically mixed with it's surely unnoticeable and enticing. The way they are neatly planted into a bun with 3 locks falling evenly on each side flattering her round face. You're heart, stolen by the smile. You mentally confirm that was her blessing, given by God! Had to be, because it shines brighter than the sun. Life has definitely been too good to her. Your attention drifts to her perfectly plump lips glistening with the sun. Her kisses have to be heavenly, the giver of life. Then you notice the wonderful yellow, floral-designed fitted dress that compliments her curvy hourglass figure. The dress stops a little lower than mid-thigh; her legs shine with health. She apparently doesn't like shoes. It's amusing how she comfortably allows her white flawless toes to complement the earth. A shock runs through your body making your insides soft. There's an awareness of butterflies leaving their cocoons and throwing a party in your belly. Peaceful stillness overcomes your entire being as her enchanting voice releases the words "Come with Me".

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