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from the first unknown gnoll and Yecta's rehabilitation of humans
Byblos was constructed as the great library it held all knowledge as the people grew, the main building was 3 stories tall 4 buildings wide, and 2 buildings back, it was surrounded by many huts and fields. the people were taught how to categorize items and grow food, they recorded new plant produce and language findings. Led by a kind elder going by Cahtet who lived outside the village in a hut not far from the entrance.
Cahtet (Yecta) spoke with the couriers from his siblings from time to time, but there hasn't been any news from Jerico on the progress of the rebuild. Castet was a portly man in his mid-life wearing red robes with the hieroglyph of spirit white cloth bottoms and standing at 5' 00'' Days go by as Cahtet goes over the info sent to him;

from Nomostis- I have left to explore and find a world where I can settle. Hope to see you at some point brother.

from Etchula- my men have spoken of a skeleton creature coming from the battlefields, no time to look into these rumors. I have to train my people to survive without me so I can become a roaming teacher of combat.

from Huolongchusu-Hail from the imperial city of Shenchusu, we have seen strange activity in the forests below our old home. stories of a skeleton creature roaming the ramparts, I hope the men have been just a case of Hyperphantasia.

from Taniwha- today the fishing nets have pulled up a person stating he escaped a skeleton-like creature before dying, been teaching them to respect the seas and bodies of water.

The death of Castet was a hard thing for the people to take, the library was ransacked with what remained the villagers who yet lived took what knowledge remained to the 4 corners of Pangea, and one Jahtet(Khepri) a 3-foot boy with sandy brown hair and tattered scarab robes calling for Cahtet. as they crested the dunes the could see Byblos get buried in a sandstorm.

Azmet- The shtah netjer (Lectors) is a group of students who let the world forget about them and later become keepers of the god's secrets and Yecta (secrets of the universe). Along with the secrets they took care of the children of the gods (Gnolls), for they are the ones to take the mantle of the god they represent. The keepers were separated into Vaults Each was assigned a house of fellow keepers and a family of gnolls to look over as they would their own.

House of Yin and Yang- representing Atum and Yecta this house protects the spiritual teachings of the universe and its lessons (no Gnolls)

House of Duat- represents Osiris, Anubis, Thoth, Horus, Hathor, Maat, and Taweret this house protects the path of judgment (each has Gnolls)

House of Protection- represents Bes, Baset, and Sobek (each has Gnolls)

House of Heka- Isis (Has Gnolls)

House of Sphorinx- (gatekeepers)

To Azmet until Yecta reveals his true form, the world doesn't need to know that the segar is also a god.
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