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Prose about a white cow on a hillside.
White cow on the hillside,
She was barely weaned and
away from her mother. She was
sad and lonely. She looked around.

Three brown cows with white faces,
A small grey donkey with a mischievous
smile. Our little white cow has to watch
out for that one. She ate some hay.

The farmer left a lot of hay and water.
A brown cow nudged her. The white
cow felt better. The donkey pushed
against her and pushed her into the hay.

The little white cow backed up and
ran into the donkey. The donkey almost
lost his balance. The donkey shook
himself and had met his match.

The other two brown cows made friends
with the little white cow. They chased
each other and had a ball to play with.
Tossing to each other with their hooves.

The farmer loved his cows and donkey.
They were his pets and he loved watching
them play ball. A beautiful hillside. The
white cow was the best attraction of all.

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