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A short, fun story I wrote. Like it so much, thought I'd share it. Word count: 207
A young boy entered through the giant oak door and walked to the man sitting behind the desk. "Excuse me sir, I wish to be special."

The man smiled a strong smile. "Very well, young man. What is your name? And how do you want to be special?"

The boy grew nervous. "My name is Pawn, but I don't know. Can you help?"

The man thought. "Well, you can be like King. He is a smart and clever man, planning is his speciality. There is Queen who is skilled and brave, she can teach you to fight. Maybe you can be like Knight, he is strange and a bit weird, but a good friend. Or perhaps you'd like to learn from Bishop, she is fast and agile. Finally, there is Rook who is tough and strong. So tell me Pawn, how would you like to be special?"

Pawn stood there, thinking. "I'd like to be me."

The man was confused. "You? How is being you special?"

Pawn looked up at the man. "Well I am not smart like King, nor skilled as Queen. I am more boring than Knight, slower than Bishop, and weaker than Rook. But I am me, and no one else can claim that."
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