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Two lovers separated by an ocean wide
On the other side
Across the vast Atlantic, under the same moon's gaze,
My heart seeks solace in her eyes' gentle blaze.
Miles apart, yet close in dreams and thoughts,
In every sunrise, her reflection is sought.
Her laughter whispers, in the ocean's endless song,
A melody that guides when nights are long.
Her warmth, carried by the eastern wind's sigh,
A soft caress beneath the same starry sky.
She's the lighthouse beacon on love's distant shore,
The anchor, in tides that churn and roar.
Bound by a love that time cannot sever,
An Atlantic apart, but in heart, together forever.
Though the waves may roll between us a vast span,
I carry her with me in every breath I take.
Across the Atlantic, my love for her does roam,
An ocean between us, but in dreams, she's home.

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