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Healthy but not his own, Because I already had my own.

She thought she had it under control, only to find out that herself, has betrayed her own identity, does she even know who she is still, did fate show up only to break her down into pieces, preparing him for the next identity in life, while you wait for the next, while your kids are tagging along, will those years build into a maybe, the connection so strong, so healthy, should the tables turn, I would stay with a good man, so good, I can vision myself, in the field of the biggest green there ever was, so much wind, that even all of my worried thoughts go away so fast, faster than my love that fell so deep for you, in so, little time, it's like I knew you already, shocked my heart so quickly, hoping that because you don't have your own family, and I already tried to build mines, but left with my 3, that you keep this moving along like we are now, you take my breath away with your words, so masculine, but love slips out your mouth so gently, it can be turned around, the love you give, patience you have, cherishing me like I'm forever, staring at me so much, as if the moonlight shines in my eyes, and the sun glazed over my skin, wanting me to have life of yours, there's a BIG possibility.
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