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Life entices beauty in its myriad forms, as a butterfly gracefully dances
In the realm of existence,
she embodies a captivating enigma.

Passions ignite her soul.

A floral current presents to him, the embrace of the eternal.

Reflections have obscured her vision.
She carries the essence of mortality.

His fragrance,
an amalgamation of desire and yearning,
longs for the essence of life.

Life entices beauty in its myriad forms,
as a butterfly gracefully dances,
its wings carrying pure joy.

Dandelions emerge,
whispering a soothing lullaby to the essence of existence.

Trees provide shelter to life,
while she indulges in daydreams of him, the embodiment of finality.

Death's presence looms in the distance,
she, resplendent and pure,
he, compassionate and understanding.

Life and Death,
their hearts pulsate as one,
but is this love?

To him who cherishes life,
she remains a night of mystery and intrigue.
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