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We seek truth, freedom with only hope to peacefully coexist, yet with blind(ed) trust.
Yearning wings, a fragile bird in flight,
Amid giants, seeking solace in the light.
Windows of perception, opaque and cold,
Yet, beneath fragile feathers, a story unfolds.

Winging my way through the world today,
I saw the sky in your eye.
But, there was no passage through.

Blunt force knocked something like sense
Into my head.
You’re an illusion I want to fly through,
Lying now in red mulch.

You appear, near this
Motionless creature that reflects
below its deflector.

Stunned spirit, my chest heaves.
No further resistance I feel.
Yet, I still fear
The face from above.

You believe this as sign —
Me, an act of willing trust
To bond with your nature.

To the owner of thick glass
Mirroring clouds, hopeful sunrises,
Another world burns,
Hidden in a surviving, stained soul.

Where you kneel,
A miracle heals, rises
With renewed strength, lifts to its heaven —
A blue escape We could view together.

Peaceful coexistence divides
In the mind
Of the keeper
Of our retaining wall.

32 lines
Free Verse

Blind trust or ignorance flew into your window?
We could have been one, if your glass were opened up.

Or, 34?

Description line took longer to craft. *Cool*
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