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feeling a little sad and missing you
Thankful for the time we had
Thankful for the good and the bad,the sad and the mad times we had
Thankful for all the times we embraced and maybe for the times we did not
Thankful for the time I had you in my life

There was much complication in our pass
However still grateful for the over 4 decades we shared
Our relationship was so layered
Grateful today that I can just be and feel and know we will meet again

We will meet on the other side so I know it's not goodbye
See you later is more like it
Grateful that now I am free to take care of me
Thankful I am now able to learn to be the me I want to be

In this way God has sit us both free
On the other side we will have so much glee
No walking on eggshells or looking at each other through eyes of disgust
We will be able to see and walk and be in his pure love
One day our time and space will not be filled with so many complications

We will just be able to fully enjoy each other in His peace and serenity!
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