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There's a mutiny afoot.
Sunrise, sailor’s warning
Aorta said one morning,
“I don't love you anymore.”
Her tone sharp, then flat
A trained acrobat
There’s someone else she beats for.

Captain steered as pipes sung
A chant from the Lungs,
“Freedom now; we will prevail!”
Seasick, shell-shocked, shut in
Locked, this cage of ribs
Just try to fly with empty sails.

"I wish I was blind,"
First-mate Right Eye lied,
"I've seen too much, what's left?"
Future fading, cloudy past
The world blinks too fast
I don’t want to know what's next.

Unseen, a serpent slithered
Below deck, a hiss from Liver,
“I suffer while you savor…”
She’s softly spitting bile
Paradise tastes vile
She'll soon return the favor.

The bowels thundered
Appendix wondered,
"Please tell me who I am?"
Am I wrong or right?
Purpose out of sight
Spilling secrets, bursting dam.

As evening light wore thin
So sweetly whispered Skin,
“I invited in my friend.”
He plays a strange game
A house with roof in flames
His every need, she'll tend.

Captain Hale, ill-fated
When sly Brain calculated,
“Logically, I should be king!”
Lightening feet, hot head
“Bow for me,” he said
Or else he won’t do anything.

A crew led by the blind
They chorused combined,
“Kidney, join our jubilee!”
The timbers shivered
The whole ship in slivers
Successful mutiny.

line count: 48
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