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Poem about Autumn
the golden hues of leaves in fall
sparkles of dying on the trees
the beauty crowned with fluttery brown
clinging on to the toughest branch

rays of rosy hue the sun catches
flung on boughs that they may stay
to smile at dancing of the sprites
among the leaves, in its last glory

hamadryads in languid repose
wake to mourn the dying leafy tresses
yet knowing they will dance again
among the blossoms within the groves

faeries in glades continue to dance
to memories of sunny days and blooms passed
but darker shadows are arrived
mantles to the spirit of Fall

the sighs of breeze through the trees
shedding their beauty to the ground
standing stark among evergreens
with branches like anguished claws

warmth of the hearth embrace
call the beloved to their home
watching the last leaf of autumn
makes it way to the ground below

as the leaves cascade to the ground
burying all signs of spring
wishes for beyond the cold
made with the last leaf- fall

Fall is arriving in full glory
not far the winter will enter
in its majestic indifference
to what it covers, what it smothers

for the moment the dryads sit
under the shadows of the grooves
until the last day of fall
then they too shall repose.
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