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A poem response to Song Of Solomon 8:6.
Seal of Love

Beneath a velvet cloak of stars, where moonlight paints the velvet night,
Your voice, a tender tremor, pierces through the silent flight.
"Set me as a seal," you plead, a vow upon the breeze,
A promise etched in starlight, carried through the ancient trees.

Not on cold, unyielding stone, nor bound by ink's dull decree,
But carved within the chambers where the heart beats wild and free.
Upon your arm, a signet forged in passion's vibrant hold,
A whispered promise echoing, a story yet untold.

For love, they say, a flame that dances with the reaper's hand,
A phoenix rising from the ashes, even in a barren land.
But jealousy, a serpent with eyes that gleam and dart,
Guards its domain with venom, whispering doubt within the heart.

Yet bind me near, where starlight paints the shadows soft and deep,
Two souls entwined, in dreams where love's own secrets sleep.
Not etched on stone, but flesh where pulses thrum and sing,
A symphony of passion, on love's eternal wing.

Remember, love, the tender dawn of days gone by,
When hesitant steps ventured down paths beneath a blushing sky.
But eyes met deep, a spark ignited, fierce and bright,
A love's own ember, kindled by the moon's ethereal light.

Through laughter's chime and tears that freely fell like rain,
We wove a fabric of trust, with threads that wouldn't wane.
Moments woven, dreams whispered on the wind's gentle sigh,
A symphony of passion painted across the open sky.

Now, let this seal, a proof in flesh and beating rhyme,
Stand tall against the battles fought, the victories claimed in time.
A promise etched upon your heart, where love's fierce fire takes hold,
A beacon burning brightly, braver than the winter's cold.

Like ancient oaks, our roots entwined beneath the ground,
Our love shall grow, where whispered secrets can be found.
Against the storm, our branches bend and sway in graceful dance,
Forever tethered, yet unbound, given free expanse.

And when the years have spun their silver thread, and age paints lines,
This seal of love, a memory that forever shines,
Will whisper tales of passion's enduring might,
A proof to love that burns eternal, ever bright.

So wear it proudly, my love, this mark upon your skin,
A signet etched in fire, where true devotion wins.
For love, like death, will hold us in its potent sway,
And jealousy's fierce grip will melt and fade away.

For in our souls, a pyre burns steady, warm, and true,
A love that binds, transcends, a yearning ever new.
And though the world may change, and seasons shift and turn,
This seal of love will forever burn, a beacon we discern.

Remember, love, when shadows veil the sun's warm ray,
This seal proclaims, "Our journey has just begun this day."
A whispered vow, upon the heart forever signed,
Two souls entwined, a love that fate itself has defined.

But know this too, my love, this seal we share and wear,
Is not a chain that binds, but wings upon the air.
For trust takes flight on love's celestial breeze,
Two souls unbound, yet tethered near, forever at ease.

So let us dance, beneath the moonlit canopy,
With spirits free, and love that soars eternally.
This seal a symbol, not of burdens we must bear,
But of two hearts, forever intertwined, a love beyond compare.

From whispered plea beneath the moonlit dome,
This seal of love becomes our eternal home.
Two souls forever etched in passion's fire,
Bound by trust, a love that will forever transpire.

LINE COUNT: 60 Lines
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Set me as a seal upon your heart,
as a seal upon your arm,
for love is strong as death,
jealousy is fierce as the grave

Β¬Song Of Solomon 8:6.
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