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About change and reflection - a self-discovery and finding my place in the world

Unwritten Narratives

By Tori Purchase

In the corner of my new abode,

Dusty boxes gather dust.

The remnants of a life once robust,

The echoes of a past life's grace,

Faded photographs in their place.

College days, like dreams they seem,

Seven Souls, a constellation bright

Navigating my days and nights.

Yet constellations ebb and flow,

New stars join, old ones go.

Eleven now, a crowded sphere,

Tempers flare, friendships fray,

In the chaos, we lose our way.

Leaving college, a bittersweet adieu,

Four anchors strong, tried and true,

Into university's open gate.

A new adventure, mine to create,

Into university halls, I stride,

Where newfound passions, no need to hide.

New friends, new dreams, a fresh start,

A kaleidoscope, life's work of art.

Years pass like shifting sands,

Yet, the memories stay clear

Of growth, of change, of facing fear.

In the quiet of my new domain,

Half-written stories call my name.

Transitions, goodbyes, and beginnings anew,

A pen, a page, a listening ear,

One step closer, the path is clear

In the tapestry of life's design,

I see the threads that intertwine.

Within the tales of youth's sweet glow,

Guided by the stories untold,

I find the person I'll behold.

In the shifting patterns, I now see,

The person I was always meant to be,

Discovering truths in the depths below.

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