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Firelight and Nightfall's adventures
Intros and junk.
Princess Firelight and Princess Nightfall
Book one: Shadow’s Escape

Ok, so first things first, IMPORTANT characters and their traits…

Firelight Middle name: Wildfire Last name: Everblaze Species: Wizard
Powers: turn invisible(helpful in playing pranks and sneaking around), set stuff on fire by touching it WHEN SHE WANTS TO, which is VERY useful for fighting, can have super speed when she wants to, and can enchant any object to do what she says also can spread fires like wildfire and can see future and can read minds also can shapeshift into people (not animals) and objects also can teleport and infinite wisdom Gender: Girl Age: 15 Kingdom: Fire Kingdom (insert name)ality: determined, kind, mischievous, very clever, and sneaky, never gives up and of course powerful Other: she has a magic sword that she always has with her to fight in case she needs to, and the blade is made of fire and is ancient also is passed on from generations in the royal Everblaze family and it doesn’t hurt her or nightfall

Nightfall Middle name: Exile. Last name: Lodestar full name: Nightfall Exile Lodestar. Species: Elf Powers: prizenpath, infector, a telepath can levitate, teleport, shade, control people with a mind, can write and draw something and it becomes natural to see the future and shapeshifting into things and people and animals. Gender: girl Age: 16 Kingdom: night kingdom (insert name)ality: brave, smart, kind, determined, prankster, and powerful. Other: She has a sword with venom inside, which was passed on from her ancient ancestors. It won’t hurt her or Firelight

Shadow: Middle name: unknown last name: unknown Species: witch(different from wizards. Witches are evil, wizards aren’t) Powers: shadow travel, see the future(but HER future seeing power isn’t as strong as Firelight’s & nightfalls ), make any objects appear out of nowhere, possibly more but the rest is unknown Gender: girl Age: 17 Kingdom: Betrayed the Starlight Kingdom and has no current kingdom (insert name)ality: SInister, cunning, clever, and powerful Other: Has been a traitor for 5 years and is being hunted(there is a prize for whoever manages to capture her)

(insert name)// rank: Peasant // kingdom: Shadow Kingdom //Gender: male// element: ???// specialty:crying and sobbing // ability: can make people cry// weakness: She cries at random times// personality: loyal, brave, bad at planning, procrastinates, sucks at social studies, // full name: idk

Ch. 1 Stuff
Nightfall and Firelight had a secret hideout. That was where they hung out together, spent time with each other and plotted pranks on grumpy grown-ups. And the hideout was underground. It even had a spellbook that Firelight sneaked out from her kingdom. They practiced spells there. Also, no one except them knew about the underground hideout! An underground tunnel led to it and was connected to both kingdoms. They enchanted the tunnel to be invisible to anyone who wasn’t nightfall and Firelight. One day, they were meeting in the hideout. “Nightfall I have some important news,” Firelight said. “But wait, let's get some pringles and soda first!” nightfall said, so they did. “Ok, so a random girl was born like a few days ago but she’s a telepath too!! And she can know about our hideout and get it from my mind,” said Firelight. “Then just turn invisible every time you see her so she won’t know you're Firelight. Then our hideout will be safe.” nightfall Said. “But she’s super powerful; she can also sense minds and read memories and images from minds!!” Firelight said. “Dude she’s a baby, how about that?” said Nightfall. “yeah , but when she’s older, I mean.” Firelight said. “Oh don’t worry I’ll control her from telling anyone else.” nightfall said. “Are you really gonna control her every second?” said Firelight.”Wait….” Firelight said again and an idea popped into her head. “I’ll enchant her to not be a telepath anymore!” she said. “Good idea! Let’s do that!” nightfall said and so they did. After that they relaxed and drank coke and played the cringe game among us for the rest of the day. But then the next day they were super tired from staying up at midnight playing games. Then it was school. ‘Oh no!! I forgot our class has a stupid test today I’m too tired to pass it!” Firelight said and clutched her head in DESPAIR. “How about I make the teacher send an email to the parents and say we can skip school today?” Said nightfall . “And enchant every teacher in every kingdom” Starlight Kingdom, Underwater Kingdom, enchantment kingdom, crystal kingdom, snow kingdom, fire kingdom, and sky kingdom yeah a lot of kingdoms) to call off school for eternity!!” Firelight said with excitement. “Good idea me! Let’s do it!” Firelight immediately turned invisible. “I hope you’re right behind meee!'' she called after nightfall as she rushed out of their hideout and into nightfall’s kingdom. nightfall sighed and sprinted after her where her voice echoed in the tunnels. After nightfall finished chasing Firelight, they were at nightfall’s house and then went to nightfall’s ice cream maker and they ate mint ice cream “Yummy” said Firelight. “Super yummy” said nightfall“NOW LET'S GO TRICK THOSE BOSSY PRINCIPALS TO CALL OF SCHOOL FOREVERRRRR!” said Firelight and used her super speed to go to the school. By the way, every kingdom shared the same school and Firelight and Nightfall were in the same class. So Firelight used super speed to get there and nightfall just caught up to her eventually. “What class are you in?” Said the principal and his name was Bossyface - Know it all. “Class for advanced creatures, sir.” said Firelight. “You seem a bit early. Names?” “nightfall and Firelight, “ nightfall said. “AH I SEE! NOW GET TO CLASS!” He yelled. “W-wait.” Firelight stammered. “Ahem,” nightfall said and gave Firelight the signal to turn invisible. FIrelight did and picked up a glass of milk. ‘“What is even the point in school? We can learn everything in books.!'' Nightfall continued. “YEAH BUT LEARNING IS THE QUICKER WAY!” Principal Bossypants protested as FIrelight dumped the milk on his head. And Bossypants gave out a shriek of anger. nightfall tried not to laugh and said “NOW LET'S MAKE BOSSYPANTS - KNOW IT ALL FORGET HIS JOB!!” nightfall said to Firelight. Firelight used her super speed and erased everything in the papers bossypants had written in, about the class schedule and everything. “Good job Firelight.” nightfall said and controlled Bossypants. Nightfall made MR. Bossypants say “ I shall quit my job and make nightfall and Firelight the Principal of Kingdoms Academy!!!”

Ch. 2 The school and Bossypants
a few minutes later after Bossypants left the school and nightfall high-fived Firelight. “Let’s torture everyone in the school!” nightfall said. “And make a super hard test and give everyone an automatic fail before it even starts!!” Firelight said and squealed with excitement. “And give them terrible lunch food! And make them pay 1,000,000 dollars + tax per crumb in the sandwiches we give them!!” nightfall agreed. “And feed all the bullies to VAMPIRE ANTS!!!” FIrelight yelled and then nightfall made a new species called Vampire ants and they bit super hard and it was PAINFUL! “LET'S MAKE BUG SANDWICHES THAT INSIDE HAS CRAWCRUCHES!!!” said nightfall. “AND GIVE ALL THE STUDENTS BUG JUICE!!!!” FIrelight shouted. “AND ALSO GIVE THEM DOO DOO JELLY!!!!” said nightfall

A day later after lunch….
WEll let’s just say that a vegan pal from the Snow Kingdom whose name was Ice queen (or ice cream) had been horrified. But she was a bully so she also got some vampire ants in her water that were invisible. also Firelight could make other things invisible too! But nightfall made her drink and eat the food no matter what!

Later, After school
“HAHAHA ICE CREAM WAS SO FUNNY THAT I CHOKED ON MARSHMALLOWS!!” SAid nightfall “HA! Yeah and I was so satisfied to make her pay for stealing our infinite coke maker a few weeks ago!” Agreed Firelight with a mischievous grin. “LET'S PULL A PRANK ON MY MAIDS!!” Said Firelight. “YEAH LETS PUT GLUE ON YOUR FLOOR AND I SHALL MAKE THEM STEP IN IT!!” said nightfall. “YEAH! But clear it up after 5 hours. Also I’m making a new spider species called Flame Spiders that are SUPER BIG and they look kind of burnt AANNDD when they bite they are super painful, like you’ve been set on fire. That’s why I called them that. And they are harmless to us but they can only hurt people who are mean to us! AND our maids. Also they do whatever we say!” said Firelight as she pulled out a normal spider. “I enchant this spider to grow very big, and bite people when we say to. But are harmless to us and do whatever me and nightfall say!” Firelight said. Then the spider did the thing and stuff. nightfall said “Hey Firelight after we pull a prank on your maids let's pull a prank on my maids!!”. So Firelight agreed and they went to the Fire kingdom. “But wait, I'm making you invisible. Everyone would freak out if they saw someone from another kingdom in theirs.” Said Firelight. Then she made nightfall invisible. “ OK I WOULD MAKE UP A PLAN FOR MY PRANK” Then an idea popped into nightfall's head and she said “ I will make powder that tastes super duper terrible!” Firelight said ok and then they went to the fire kingdom when they got there they searched for Firelight’s maids. “MAIDS! GET OVER HERE!” FIrelight bellowed. “Yes, your small majesty?” The maids said. “Stop calling me that! I’m not a queen yet,” Firelight hrowled. “Now, I want you to stand right there.” Firelight ordered them and pointed to a corner in her room. They did as she said and then Firelight asked, “nightfall! Is the glue extra sticky?” nightfall nodded. “OK! GLUE STICKS, CHARGE!!” FIrelight yelled and the glue went all over the floor. The maids screamed and said, “I’ll tell your mother!” “Yeah right. You’re like, last in command in this kingdom.” FIrelight said as she rolled her eyes. “I’m a much higher rank of course.” she said again. “First in the first circle. How about that?” She said as she pointed to the room's wall that had the ranks and she was the first in the first circle. one maid said “ princess we are very sorry. we shall follow your commands princess” Yes we are sorry for not listening to you.” said another maid. “Good. Now go back to pacing in your rooms.” Firelight ordered sternly. THe maids rushed out of the room and FIrelight said to nightfall, “Nightfall, get the bugs ready!” Nightfall got the bugs and all thousand of them crawled into the maid’s room. “Fire ants, get to the maids and stay in their room forever. And make sure to bite them once in a while. And be invisible to people who aren’t the maids and aren’t us.”
They played a prank on nightfall's maids and put vampire ants in their soup. And nightfall added the powder then…

Firelight and nightfall went to their secret hideout. But then they heard voices from above. They got out and FIrelight made them both invisible. Then they went where the voices were coming from. They heard the maids say, “But my queen I promise you it’s true! We saw them! See? Look at the giant ants!!” and saw the maids point to a vampire ant. Firelight’s mom just narrowed her eyes at the maid and said, “Maid. Fuck you! Next time you will obey my daughter and not accuse her for doing horrible things she didn’t even DO!” “But ma’am, we did not lie we are telling the truth!” The maids protested. “BITCH! And if you complain again I'll be happy to move you down to another circle.” said Firelight’s mom. “Uh. We already are in the last circle?” the maid said and raised an eyebrow. “Did you forget I’m the queen? I can make another circle if I want to!!” Firelight’s mom barked. “Yeah but we can just quit our jobs and move kingdoms!!!” the maid yelled back. “That won’t bother me at all.” Said Firelight’s mom and she turned to walk away. “But…” The maid protested. “You heard me.” The Fire Queen said, her back still turned to face the door. She opened it and left. Firelight and nightfall looked at each other. “Well I guess this means our plan worked,” Firelight said. “Yes, the maids will be fired soon!” nightfall said. “We could pull a prank on my maids now if you want and get them fired!!” said nightfall. “Great idea !!!” FIrelight agreed. So after the trip to nightfall’s kingdom…
(yep timeskip again)
Fireight said, “now we just need to look for the maids.” “OK. MAIDS GET OVER HERE RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!” nightfall shrieked, even louder than when Firelight called her maids. The maids ran in her room faster than the speed of light! but no faster than Firelight’s super speed ha HA.Nothing is faster than her… “and shit I thought my maids were quick,” said Firelight. The maids said “My princess what do you need now? We shall help you! How about a foot massage or a back massage?” Said the maids. “ Huh. I thought MY maids were obedient…” Firelight muttered. “Dear maids, please step in that circle and it shall make me proud.” said nightfall. Soon all the maids stepped in the circle and nightfall said “ I will go get something for you guys” and a glass wall went around them. So nightfall went to get the thing and meanwhile in nightfall’s room Firelight said, “Ahem! I am nightfall’s best friend and I command you to entertain me!” “Ummm… what do we do?” the maids muttered. “something distracting! I don’t know! Dance! Sing! Grow an extra head! Just ENTERTAIN ME I’M SICK OF WAITING FOR nightfall URGHHHH!” Firelight yelled. also she’s impatient. The maids tap danced and a few minutes later nightfall came back. Firelight said, “I enchant these maids to stop tap dancing.” And immediately they stopped dancing. And then nightfall sighed as she said, “Firelight. Wizards aren’t supposed to enchant other people!” “Aw, it’ll be fine nightfall. See? No harm done!” said Firelight,and nightfall smiled. “unenchant them!! Or I shall MAKE YOU!!!!” nightfall’s mom said. Her mom was also a wizard like Firelight but nightfall was an elf because her dad was an elf. Firelight sighed. “I enchant my magic so that it will erase every spell I cast on these maids.” Firelight said and waved her sword made of fire that she always had with her. Also it doesn’t harm her or nightfall. “Shimmy Shimmy Ya.” Said nightfall’s mom.

(Opal is a maid)

Soon, at school…
“100,000,000 dollars per second at this school, the only school in the world!” Said nightfall in the school as she smacked her fist on the desk where principals were. ‘YUP! ALSO…. OPAL!!!” FIrelight bellowed. Opal rushed into the principal's office. “YEAH?” SHe said. “WELL!!! I just made a royal princess decision and from this moment everyone will pay 10,0000 dollars per millisecond for the school. NOW GO INFORM THE PARENTS!!” Firelight barked. Then when Opal was gone FIrelight relaxed in her fire throne. “It sure is nice bossing that empty headed whiny idiot around!” Said Firelight. “Yeah it’s awesome!!” Said nightfall. After a few minutes nightfall said “Lets pull a prank on the Opal!!” “Good Idea nightfall” said Firelight. So as a przenpath nightfall was ready to make a shield around the Opal that lasts forever! “Now for the last part,” said Firelight. “OPAL COME HERE YOU FISHNOSE!”
Opal rushed into the principals’ office AGAIN and huffed , “what is it this time?” Firelight glared at Opal and said, “do not address me that way young maid, you WILL work for me. Now, I enchant this citizen of the Underwater kingdom to do whatever me and nightfall say. Also, be super over powered and stuff, and protect us forever and die for us if necessary and be immortal so you can serve us forever!” Firelight said as she clapped her hands together suddenly. “GO OVER THERE” said nightfall. “YES,” Opal said. Nightfall created a prison around her and when she touched it she got shot!!! “GOod job nightfall. Now, I enchant this door to our office so that no one can enter it except nightfall and I.” Firelight said. “Funny. I thought it would get all shimmery and sparkly and stuff,” said nightfall. FIrelight grinned and touched the fire sword in her pocket. Also she enchanted her pocket to fit whatever she puts in there but not to grow size and stuff. “I have my dagger and am going to put shade on it so it would be OP” said nightfall. Firelight snorted and tried to hide it by coughing on the coke she was drinking. As being a shade, nightfall can whisper words in peoples minds so nightfall said to Firelight in her head “ I heard that snort” and Firelight thought in her own mind, “darn it” nightfall rolled her eyes. But that made Firelight spill the coke on her lap. Then said, “I enchant this mop to clean up the stuff that spilled from this coke.” FIrelight pointed to the coke. “I also enchant this coke to refill itself.” After that…. “oh, stop wasting your magic on tiny things. It’s actually useful in fights.” Said nightfall. “Yeah but I can be as lazy as I want today because it’s the weekend,” Firelight said as she grinned at nightfall. “Yeah but we have a Opal and there’s always a good way to use her !” said nightfall. “But she has no brain,” Firelight said. nightfall just shrugged and said, “Opal, please go back to your home and leave me and firelight in peace. And come back when we call you,” nightfall said as she snapped her fingers and made Opal disappear. “Show-off…” murmured nightfall. Firelight laughed “I’m just making sure that Opal knows we’re overpowered and to not mess with us,” she said. Nightfall was so mad she made Firelight slap her face! “nightfall! I thought we agreed not to use our powers on each other!” growled Firelight “Well last time you used your powers on me so I am just making things equal” Said nightfall. “ANYWAYS,” Firelight cleared her throat, “I feel like we’re getting off topic. Nightfall, I haaaate this conversation. It’s sooooo boooooring.” she said. “Wanna play some pranks on the school bullies?” She asked at nightfall. “Yeah, fine,” said nightfall.


Ch. 3 stuff
So after the prank…
Firelight and nightfall were in their hideout. Firelight was sharpening her fire sword. nightfall was adding more shadows to make her sword more OP because sometimes if you add so much shadow to something the thing will become venom. Firelight added more fire to her sword but not too much. She made sure that the fire was the hottest and most painful she could create. Then she made the sword listen to what she says in her mind. AFTER THAT they were going to um…. Explore the jungle and stuff. Then on nightfall’s ipad an ad popped up and it said : “Some Prison was robbed yesterday and some witch had escaped!!” “Ugh these ANNOYING POP-UPS it’s probably just a lie!” said nightfall.
“Wait nightfall,” Firelight said, “look at the images.” nightfall looked and saw a fire sword there. “THAT’S MY SWORD!” FIrelight yelped. “WHAT? But how did the author of that pop up ad know something about it??” nightfall asked. “I don’t know but I’m going to track down that witch!” Firelight yelled and slammed the door behind her. “I HOPE YOU’RE RIGHT BEHIND MEEEE!” She called from outside and used her super speed to get to the prison.
AT the prison, nightfall and Firelight searched the prison for any clues. Then Firelight bumped into one of the guards. Standing up, she shook herself and said, “sorry!” The guard raised an eyebrow. “Names?” “Princess Firelight Wildfire Everblaze of the Fire Kingdom and Princess nightfall Exile Lodestar of the night Kingdom,” said Firelight with her chin held high. “Forgive me for the rude introduction. ANYWAY I’m the guard also WHY are you here??” The guard asked. “BECAUSE SOMEONE STOLE MY SWORD?!!!?”yelled Firelight. “I’d recognize it anywhere!” “Excuse moi?” The guard said. “In the ad- wait- who made the ad?” Firelight asked the guard. “Ummm. I think this girl called- hang on good question,” said the guard. Firelight and nightfall rolled their eyes. “Firelight. Let’s just search for the witch?!” nightfall suggested. “Good idea,” Firelight said with her chin still held high. THEN after that they were in a random empty room. Firelight said, “Nightfall I made something.” She showed nightfall a scroll of paper. “Here, we can write any enchantment and it will come true. That way you can cast spells too!” Nightall said, “Thanks Firelight but what if it falls into evil hands?” Firelight grinned. “Don’t worry I also enchanted it so that no one but us can see the stuff written and use the scroll to write spells,” she said. Then Firelight scribbled in the scroll, “enchant Firelight and nightfall to be immune to any harm” Firelight grinned. “OH WOW!” nightfall said. “We are now immortal!” said Firelight. “Well I think I know who escaped from the place and her name is Shadow. She was known for her thirst for power and her ability to escape prisons but now we have you guys who are going to stop her!” Said the guard. Firelight narrowed her eyes at him. “Mind your own business,” she said and then scribbled on their scroll, “Make us invisible and not hearable to that
Thing over there” and a chunk of metal separated Firelight and nightfall from the guard. “While you guys go do those boring things you guys do, we shall go to disneyland cuz it’s much better than staying here all day!!” said Firelight. “Yeah much better”

Ch.4 the gyd
“OOOHHHH the increadacoster!!! Let's go on it!!” nightfall said.” Sure,”said Firelight.

After the ride…

“SUPER FUN!!!!!” said nightfall. “ I feel like eating cotton candy .” said Firelight “Yeah!!” said nightfall as Firelight called“OPAL COME OVER HERE!!!!” “NOW WHAT MISS BOSSYFACEMCPOOPY??” The Opal said as she sighed. Nightfall made her slap her face with her hand 100,000,000 times. “Good, now she knows to never ever disobey us” Said nightfall “How about you make her slap their face for 100 more times for calling me Miss Bossyfacemcpoopy?. Asked Firelight. “Sure '' But instead nightfall made her slap her face 123,238,343004470298409+837092784e=838920>+74028402 times.

80 days later…
l someone is having a bad day,” said Firelight. “ not DAY, it’s going to be Days of pain” “and doctors” added Firelight. “ OUCH!! I SHALL CALL THE POLICE'' said Opal. “yeah right you can’t call the police, cuz all the police are owned by Firelights parents'' said nightfall “and I am the first in the first circle!!” Added Firelight. “Fine miss bossypants mcpoopy what do you want now?” said Opal. Firelight turned into a dragon using her shapeshifting power and burned off all of Opal’s hair. “Yowch, that must’ve hurt,” nightfall said, eating popcorn as Opal screamed. “Oh calm down, she's just Opal, one of the school bullies and an absolute useless worm,” Firelight said. “OPAL, BE THANKFUL THAT I’M NOT ACTUALLY BURNING YOUR FACE OFF!” Firelight called after Opal as Opal ran away screaming. “Well now that’s taken care of, we might as well search for the witch,” Firelight said to nightfall. Nightfall shapeshifted into Sopie Foster from Keeper of the Lost Cities or KOTLC and Firelight shapeshifted into a dragon tribe called a Skywing and her name is Peril from WoF or Wings of Fire THEY’RE BOTH FROM BOOKS. ANd then the other people at DIsneyland screamed because shapeshifting was legendary at that time and also dragons are scary and Sophie Foster is cool so they screamed in awe and fear. And the little toddlers started crying of joy from nightfall and fear from FIrelight because dragons are scary. Firelight set a chicken on fire and then they were going to have a feast with nightfall, and then they both turned into their normal selves again.
After the feast…
“Nightfall, let’s get going and go to the Prison,” said Firelight. Nightfall said ok and they teleported to the prison. Then at the prison the guard said, “ what do you want??” Firelight said, “something you don’t need to know,” and the guard said, “THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE???” “Because of some (insert name)a reason you don’t need to know,” Firelight answered him. “ANYWAY,” Firelight said, as she thought to Teleport to Shadow’s cell and nightfall read it so they both went to Shadow’s prison. leaving the guard crying in fear and shock saying, ‘WHAT THE HECK??? TELEPORTATION??? THAT’S LEGENDARY!!!” And in Shadow's cell…
They found footprints and some shoes that looks like the one that the guard was wearing. “ Hold on, the guard lost a shoe and that shoe looks exactly like the other shoe he has!!” Said Firelight. “Yeah!! And wow, how do people not see it?” asked nightfall. Firelight said, “Wait… the shoe is MOVING! HEY THERE ARE ACTUALLY 2 SHOES WHAT THE HECK WHAT– OH WAIT THE (insert name) WALKING MUST BE INVISIBLE!!” Firelight yelled. nightfall said, “woo calm down,” as Firelight wrote down, “make the (insert name) walking right there be visible” in the scroll that she and nightfall had. AND THEN a young witch about 18 years old with a black hat, black dress, a belt that has a skull on it with creepy eyes. And jet black hair with bangs. “What- that must be Shadow!” Firelight gasped. Shadow said, “I’ll hunt you down children and this time I won’t fail!” nightfall, who was now a scroll and pretending that Firelight had dropped it. “What- is that- my family’s ancient scroll- it can’t be it was destroyed 200 thousand YEARS AGO!” Shadow shrieked. “What is she talking about?!” Firelight hissed at nightfall. Nightfall wanted to shrug but couldn’t because scrolls didn’t have arms and shoulders. “ was that scroll talking!!!???” asked Shadow. “NAH, that was nothing”said Firelight. “ANYWAY,” she continued, “tell us how you escaped.” “ha HA. No” Shadow shrieked. “Do it. Now,” Firelight hissed. “But… I will tell you you allow me to find the girl who disappeared… what was her name, nightfall or something?” asked Shadow. “If you dare touch me or nightfall, I WILL BURN YOU,” Firelight yelled. “Ha, and how are you going to do that? Your kingdom lost its powers eons ago. I was there when it happened!” Shadow said. Roaring furiously, Firelight created a small blaze with her hands and threw it at Shadow. It landed on her head and burned out one strand of her hair. Shadow gasped and said “HOW DARE YOU!!!! I WILL KILL YOU!!” “OH NO YOU WON’T” said nightfall as she made Shadow slap her face 1,000 times hard. “OUCH” said Shadow. “YOWCHIE that must’ve hurt, are you feeling the PAIN SHADOW?” Firelight shrieked. “I NEVER WILL!” Shadow Shrieked back. “YEAH? WHAT’S THAT FEELING YOU’RE FEELING RIGHT NOW, THEN?” Firelight shrieked. “Wait, Firelight!” nightfall said as she turned back to her normal self. “We need a plan!” “THE PLAN IS GO KILL SHADOW!” Firelight yelled. “And save the world!” Added nightfall. “Stop her!” Firelight agreed. “Do it for the UNIVERSE!!” nightfall shouted. “Throw sharks at her!” Firelight shrieked. “BUT PUT FLAME SPIDERS IN HER FOOD! POISON HER!” nightfall shrieked. “And feed her to FIRE ANTS!!!” Firelight yelled as she wrote down on her magic scroll, “enchant some fire ants to come appear here next to shadow” “FOOLS!” Shadow shrieked. “DId you really think a couple of ant bites would DEFEAT ME?” “Maybe not,” Firelight said, “but you’ve never gotten bitten by a fire ant!” She grinned. nightfall said, “Good work, Firelight!” As she high fived her.

Firelight beamed.
“Ahem,” Shadow said, “I feel like we’re getting off topic over here. I have made myself immortal.” “She’s thinking ‘I hope they believe my super big gigantic lie and don’t know I’m scared right now.’” Firelight said coldly as nightfall snorted. “Stay. Out. Of my. Mind,” Shadow hissed. “With pleasure,” Firelight and nightfall said at the same time, smiling. Firelight thought, nightfall! Steal the skull on her head! Oh, and her scepter. You know what it does. It’s in her mind! I’ll distract her. nightfall nodded to Firelight as Firelight stood on the edge of the railing ‘cause they were on a balcony. She made 2 guards appear. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET DOWN FROM THERE YOU’RE GONNA DIE!” said the guards. Firelight put her arm to her forehead dramatically, making a couch appear. She layed on it, with a look of fake fear. By the way the couch was also on the very tip of the railing. “OH NOOOOO! I got too close to the RAILING! I’m standing on the VERY TOP! Only because some brilliant guard forgot to tell me to GET DOWN! UH OHHH! And at the ground below me is a pool of LAVA! I knew this was gonna happen! If only I had listened to those amazing guards! AND I TOTALLY FORGOT TO CAST A SPELL SO THAT THE GROUND WILL BE NICE AND CUSHIONY IF I FALL! What is the world gonna do without poor FIRELIGHT? The Fire Kingdom will have no more heirs left! Who would be queen? OH I DOOMED US ALL JUST BY GETTING MYSELF KILLEDDDD!” Firelight screeched. nightfall smirked. “What are you doing?” the guards shrieked. “What does it look like to you?” Firelight said as she fell on purpose…”OOPS! TELL MY MOM OF MY TERRIBLE FATE!” She shouted as she hit the ground with a loud “SPLAT!” the sound which was actually ketchup that she put on the ground after she fell on the bed that supported her fall. A moment later, she teleported back to the jail. Nightfall rolled her eyes. “Good job Firelight! It totally worked!” She showed Firelight Shadow’s broken crown. Then Shadow teleported to a mountain. Firelight said “quick we better go chase her down”

Ch. 5 the mountians
Then Firelight and Nightfall went to say bye to their parents and all that stuff. Firelight and she teleported to near the mountains, where Shadow had gone, then nightfall teleported there too.
“I can’t go in those mountains!!” Nightfall shivered. Firelight asked “why not?” and nightfall said “because… Because in my kingdom, uh- Shadow CURSED the mountains. At least that’s what my mom told us. And we call them…Shadow’s teeth.” Firelight squinted and asked “you think the mountains are going to eat you?” and nightfall said “I DO NOT. But I do think they’re going to kill me, yes.” “But- but the Fire Kingdom used to live around those mountains and they’re not eaten!” Firelight said. “THAT’S BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT IN THE NIGHT KINGDOM!” nightfall shouted. “So… the mountains only eat Night Kingdom citizens?” Firelight asked. “STOP THAT!” nightfall screeched. “Anyway I’m not going there.” Firelight sighed. “Am I defeating Shadow myself today?”
Then 10 minutes later finally Firelight convinced nightfall to go. Muttering things, nightfall followed Firelight to Shadow. Shadow said, “oh hey also I named the diamond on my scepter Diamond of Darkness.” and Firelight muttered “seems a little dramatic”
“Well duh” nightfall said as Firelight called “OPAL COME HERE YOU DUMMY MCBRAIN!!!” “yes coming ma’m” Firelight and Nightfall rolled their eyes and mimicked the opal and said “Yes coming ma’m” in their snottiest voice. Opal rolled her eyes. “What do you need me for??” she asked in a snotty voice that sounded exactly like Firelight’s and Nightall’s. “Hey!” said Firelight. Nightfall made Opal slap her face 733,823,563 times. “That's what you get for messing with us!” retorted Firelight. Opal rolled her eyes. “HEYYYY!!” screamed Firelight. “HEYYYY!” mocked Opal. Nightfall got mad and stuff. “HAHA. I can see that you're mad and stuff but I don't really care” Nightfall had smoke coming out her ears “TEE HEHE” giggled Opal. Nightfall made her slap her face about 9 billion times. “OUCHIEEEE” cried Opal. She ran home. Anyways, back to the cave and stuff. As Firelight looked around, Nightfall stood there. “Hey Nightfall, what are you doing there?” asked Firelight. Nightfall didn't reply. Nightfall laughed like a maniac. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING MA’AM??” asked Firelight (More liked screamed) Nightfall stood there, unfazed. Then, Nightfall did something unthinkable. She started punching herself. “MA’M WHAT ARE YOU DOINGGGGGG” Screamed Firelight as she looked back at her. Nightfall rolled her eyes and said “Hello Firelight. I am the one and only… SHADOW THE GREAT.” Firelight laughed. “Super funny Nightfall! And also great acting! Now, let's continue searching.” Nightfall just continued staring at the walls repeating the message. “Hello Firelight. I am the one and only… Shadow! This is not a prank. I repeat this is not a prank…” Firelight ignored her and just continued searching. “Ugh” said Firelight “this isn't funny anymore!” as she became more and more worried by the seconds. Nightfall just continued repeating the message non-stop while staring at the wall.
Firelight looked for a stick to smack Nightfall, but she couldn't find any. Instead, Nightfall grabbed a rock and smacked Firelight in the EYE. “WHAT THE?!?!” screamed Firelight. Then, Nightfall said it again. “Hello Firelight. I am the one and only… Shadow! This is not a prank. I repeat this is not a prank…” Firelight looked at her (At least tried), dead in her eyes, and said, “Well “Shadow” What do you want?” Nightfall/Shadow looked her in the eyes and said, “Finally, you realized it wasn’t a prank.” said Nightfall/Shadow as she rolled her eyes. Suddenly, Nightfall/Shadow turned into a dragon and started to destroy the cave. Then Firelight finally realized. Nightfall was possessed by Shadow! “Shiver me timbers!” she said in a frightened tone. Nightfall/ Shadow looked her in the eyes. Firelight shivered in fear and said, “I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCAREDDDDD MOMMMYYYYYY!!!!!” Nightfall/Shadow narrowed their eyes and grabbed firelight with her/his claws. Firelight became unconscious as Nightfall/shadow delivered a punch on her face.
Ch. 6
Firelight woke up. She was tied up with another person. She was gagged, so she couldn’t speak. “Took you long enough,” said the person as they narrowed their eyes. Firelight pointed to her gag. “Oh yeah, I’m the only one without a gag.” said the person.Firelight suddenly wished she was Nightfall because she could read minds. The (insert name) eyed Firelight. “Is it safe for me to tell you my name?” Firelight nodded eagerly. “Well, my name is (insert name)” Firelight’s eyes widened as if saying (insert name) “Well yes, Thats me, Shadow’s “cool” brother” She said as she rolled her eyes. “HEY! YOU! SHUT UP!” said a guard. “I DON'T CARE IF YOUR SHADOW’S BROTHER, HE PUT YOU HERE FOR A REASON!!” he said as he rolled his eyes. “Yes, yes. I know I know, Bob.” Bob got up from his seat. “SHUT UP!”
Firelight looked around. Her hands were tied up. Shoot. She thought. She wanted to help (insert name) but she couldn’t use her powers. Firelight looked around for something sharp, but she couldn’t see clearly thanks to the rock Nightfall/ Shadow threw at her. Back to (insert name) and Bob. “NOW GO SIT BACK DOWN” said Bob angrily. (insert name) nodded and turned to Firelight. “Now, where we’re we?” Asked (insert name). “right, you can’t talk” “umm (insert name), can you get these off me?” Said Firelight in sign language. He shook his head. “Sorry I’ve tried with others, but I can’t” “Well how am I supposed to eat?” Firelight did in sign language. “You’ll see.” (insert name) said with a laugh.

It was around midnight when Firelight was woken up by a pair of hands shaking her. “W-what?” Said Firelight- at least tried to say that. It sounded like “G-gwut??” (insert name) rolled their eyes. “It’s time to eat Firelight. Oh, also the food here is amzingggggg🙄🙄''
Firelight stared at him.
“What??” (insert name) mumbled. Bob looked at (insert name) “what do you mean by that SIR???” Said Bob with a raised eyebrow.
“Never mind. Forget what I said.” Said (insert name). Bob gave him a look. “Ok then… Anyways, time for the food!!”
(insert name) sighed and nodded “here’s the fun part….” Firelight gulped. (insert name) sighed.
The food was horrible. Firelight had to try to gulp down each bit but the food tasted like shipoopi. “Ughh” she mumbled. Nightfall/ Shadow waddled in. Nightfall/ Shadow stared at Firelight. “How was your first da–” Nightfall/ Shadow fell to the ground. Firelight stared at her, confused. Nightfall/ Shadow walked up to her very slowly, and took off gag and gasped. Firelight eyed her. “HEY WHO TOOK OFF YOUR GAG??” said Nightfall/Shadow. Nightfall/Shadow eyed (insert name) and said “WAS IT YOUUUUUU???” (insert name) shook his head. Nightfall/Shadow stormed over to Bob, and asked the same question. “THEN WHO DID IT” Nightfall/ Shadow screamed. Just then, Nightfall/ Shadow fell to the ground. “Ummm…” said Firelight as she eyed (insert name) They both nodded at each other and slowly approached Nightfall/Shadow. . Then a dinosaur walked over. “YAHHHHHH” said the Dinosaur. Firelight shot it a look. “My apologies, I just saw a
ghost.” it said as it pointed to Shadow’s body. Firelight started laughing.
“MHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH” “TEEHEhEHEHEHEHEHEHEH” laughed (insert name) “Ummm” said the Dinosaur. “What are yall doing?” It had that one voice of a horse. “Do you have a more… normal voice…?” asked Firelight. “OIINNKK…” said the dinosaur “CaRe FoR a SpOt Of TeA??” it asked. Firelight blinked. “What kind??”
“cheesecake” said the Dinosaur as it fell to the ground and giggled. “Hey, you little dinosaur, I bet you taste like pig!’ said (insert name) and started a fire. “Hey! Not so fast!” the voice came from a 837,656,232,344,999,999,999,999,999 pound pig. “You can't eat dinosaur without meeee!” it said. The voice came from the ultimate PIGGY VON FAT. So, they tied the dinosaur up and brought their knives. “HEYYY THATS OFFENSIVE!!” said Piggy Von Fat. “This is how you eat it the right way!!” FP dashed to the dinosaur and smashed it with his belly. “GaHhHhHhHh!!” cried the Dinosaur. Firelight and (insert naame) were very quite traumatized. “U-um i don’t think we should-” Firelight was cut off by FP “OF COURSE WE EAT HIM! I’M STARVING SO LET’S EAT-” FP was cut off when Nightfall/Shadow. “HEY YOU LITTLE FAT MOLE RAT!! GET UP!!” FP was offended. “HEYYY!!! WHO ARE YOU CALLING MOLE RAT!??!” He said “I was the one that ate the whole universe and what kinda trash talk are you doing to me!!” “boy, this guy sure gets offended a lot” whispered Firelight to (insert name). “Yes you obese mole rat, you are POWERLESS, you are WEAK compared to me! With this CRINGE kid’s body, I am EVEN MORE stronger than ever!!” said Nightfall/Shadow. “HAHA THEY BOTH THINK THEY ARE SO POWERFUL!!” (insert name) whispered to Firelight. “I know right?” They continued to watch the show with popcorn that came from Bob. “I ATE THE WORLD!” Screamed FP *crunch* “WELL I CURSED THE WORLD WITH THE SPELL OF DOOM!!” Nightfall/Shadow screamed back. “Hey, what are we watching here?” asked Bob as he sat down. “The show better than The Cats.” “WELL I DON’T CARE CAUSE I ATE THE WORLD!” Screamed FP “WELL I DON’T CARE THAT YOU DON’T CARE CAUSE I’M GOING TO CURSE YOU!” Nightfall/Shadow hollered back. “WELL YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING BECAUSE MY FAT IS BLOCKING IT!” said FP. Long story short, Nightfall/Shadow curses him. “I am under your command, Shadow.” said FP “Good, now I shall rule the world!!” said Nightfall/Shadow. “Umm sorry to interrupt, but don’t you already rule the world?” asked (insert name). “Well yes, but it makes me sound more powerful and stuff.” said Nightfall/Shadow. “Got it.” said (insert name) and started eating the popcorn again. “That's some good popcorn!” said Firelight. “HEY SHUT UP WITH THE CRUNCHING SOUND!!” *crunch* *smack* “Sorry Nightfall or Shadow, we can’t help it, it's too good” said Firelight. “Call me Shadow,” said Shadow. Shadow switched back to her body. *smack* *crunch*

Ch.7 random junk
“Ahhh, it’s good to be back.” she said. The real Nightfall woke up. “Hey! why am I here?” asked Nightfall. The only reply was some popcorn chewing sounds.
“HEY WHERE’S MY POPCORN AND WHO IS THIS JERK WITH YOU?!” Nightfall pointed at (insert name). “YOU GOT A NEW BFF!?!” cried Nightfall. “What-no” said Firelight. “This is (insert name), Shadow's brother.” “So Shadow's brother is your new bff?” Asked Nightfall angrily “I thought Shadow took your sword?” (insert name) frowned. “You didn't tell me that my brother took your sword!” He mumbled but it was loud enough for everyone to hear. “Well it wasn't import-” Firelight was cut off by someone else speaking. “Well, I did expect drama but not the good kind, and yet here we are. Aw gee! The show is just starting!” Said Shadow as she started munching on popcorn. Nightfall rolled her eyes. “Are we really going to put up a show for her? Or are we going to break out.” She asked them. “Break out duhh” they both said in perfect unison. Nightfall raised her eyebrows. “Ok then, does anyone have a plan?” She asked. “Well, we have a few choices, #1. We could bribe Bob or just sneak sleeping pill in his food,
#2. We could bribe Shadow, or just also feed her sleeping pills.
#3. We can sneak out through the back door and get out safely.” (insert name) said. “Well first, let's put up a show for Shadow.” Said Nightfall. Firelight and (insert name) nodded. “B-BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND!” cried Nightfall with fake tears coming out her eyes. “I WAS but now my best friend is (insert name).” Firelight said calmly. (insert name) looked startled and said “no no, I can go.” And walked off. “Personally I chose option 3 because it's safer.” Said Firelight as she looked around to see if the other two would agree. They both nodded and they started planning. Shadow was fast asleep in a rocking chair with the popcorn still next to her. Nightfall looked at her and then looked back a split second later. “So what time shall we do it?” Asked Firelight, very interested in what (insert name) was saying. “Well, we should leave at 2:37 AM because the guards have their breaks at the time. “why such a specific time? 💀” asked Nightfall. “Because it's their break time.” Said (insert name) Nightfall nodded and snapped her fingers. Their clothes were changed into the guards armor. “Well that's solved.” Mumbled Firelight. “I suppose you should change it back now and change it when it's time we go.” added Firelight. Nightfall rolled her eyes and snapped her finger again. Their clothes were changed back. “So anyways, what should we do right now?”

Ch.8 the stuff
Time skip…
It was 2 AM and they were all playing Mono-poly for the whole day. “Ughh… we've been playing this for” *checks watch* “7 hours.” Said (insert name) “Is there something else to do?” asked Nightfall. “No, it's the only game we have.” Mumbled (insert name) well, at least we only have 37 minutes left of the game.” Said Firelight, trying to be optimistic. Nightfall raised her eyebrows. “What do you mean “only”?? You should be saying we STILL have 37 minutes left.” She exclaimed. “I think I’m going insane.” She said, shaking her head. “Woah woah, Nightfall calm down! It’s a simple just thing, we can read this book called 101 things (work in progress) Nightfall and Firelight were deeply traumatized. “W-what just happened?” Asked Nightfall. “What. The. Heck.” Said Firelight, deep in thought. “#5 was deeply concerning…” “agreed.” Said Nightfall. “Hey! It was written by one of my favorite writers!! Doris Au!!” Said (insert name)“We know, we know, Doris is a AMAZING 🤩 writer like Fr” said Nightfall. Firelight nodded. “Oh man! :< it’s already 2:35 AM!!” Said Nightfall. “Go time.” Whispered (insert name). Nightfall snapped her fingers like before. Their clothes were changed into the gaurds armor. “Ugh, it’s so stiff.” Muttered Firelight. “I know right?” Mumbled Nightfall “how does Bob keep this on all day?” Asked (insert name). Nightfall and Firelight shook their heads. “anyways, what pathway should we go in?” Asked Firelight. “So here, we dig a hole, we climb to the right, and go for 2.5 miles.” (insert name) mumbled. “That far!?!” Said Nightfall, shocked. “Well…” (insert name) handed Nightfall the map. “Ohhh! We need to be going for 2.5 meters, not miles. Then we take a left turn, and dig up, and we’re out!” ‘Aw gee! So close to freedom! I ccan smell it already!” exclaimed Firelight. Nightfall shushed her. “Shhh.. we dont wanna be caught…” she mumbled. ‘No no I wanna” Shouted Firelight. Nightfall snapped her fingers and a gag was placed onto Firelight’s mouth. (insert name) was staring in awe. “W-what! H-how do y-you do that?” he said in shock. “B r o , w h a t t h e h e c k .” said Nightfall, Flabbergasted.

Firelight started screaming and fell to the ground. Nightfall snapped her hands and the gag was removed. Firelight’s eye were glowing. “Whats happening?” asked Nightfall, glancing at (insert name). (insert name) was mortified. “No… not this…” he mumbled. “Whats this?” asked nightfall, getting inpatient with him. “Nothing happened.” he said, still looking shocked. Nightfall didnt believe him, but she shrugged it off and continued walking.

They were free! Nightfall could see outside the tunnel, She ran out and (insert name) followed. Nightfall glanced back at Firelight. She was walking slowly, and her movement was stiff and unnatural. “I think it'll be better if i stay here cuz like i like it there” said Firelight. Nightfall and (inset name) shoot her a look. “What. the. Heck.” mumbled (insert name) “Firelight, what are you doing?” asked Nightfall. “She seems to be possessed by Shadow 🤓” said (insert name) in the most nerdiest voice ever possible. Nightfall shot him a look and then turned her attention back to Firrelight. Nightfall kicked her in the shin. “Owicheee!!” she cried. “That hurt me!” Then she started bawling like a four yeear old, curling up in a ball. “Firelight, WhAt ArE yOu DoInG??” asked Nightfall. (insert name) was looking around nervously. “We should really get going- her crying will really attract the attention of the guards.” Nightfall checked her watch. It was 3:29 AM and the guard's break was officially over. “Firelight- we should really go.” Said (inset name), shaking her violently. “Whaahhhh!! I want my Mommyyyyy!!” she cried. Footsteps came from the tunnel. “Hello? Is anyone there?” said a voice. It came from Bob.. “Oh no..” mumbled (insert name), then covered her mouth and tuned to Nightfall. “Is there any way you can make us invisible?” Nightfall nodded and snapped her fingers. Nothing happened…


(insert name) was looking around for something to hide in, like a bush or a tree. Bob walked over. “Heyy… I swear I heard (insert name)...” he walked back inside, but still casting looks at a bush. Nightfall fell to the ground, laughing. “Hahah!! You really thought he would see us!?” Said Nightfall, nudging him softly. He glared at Nightfall but then fell down laughing. “I do admit that was pretty funny…” He mumbled and then started laughing. Nightfall snapped her fingers again. 24 swords were pointed at (insert name). “W-what are y-you doing?!” asked (insert name) in fear . Nightfall fell down laughing, snapping her fingers again. The swords disappeared. (insert name) sighed. “Nightfall what was that!?” (insert name) asked angrily, He was flustered. Nightfall was too busy laughing to reply. (insert name) walked around in circles, “we need a way to get out of here with Firelight!” he exclaimed angrily. Nightfall finally stopped laughing and she was wheezing for air. “Ok, ok, so how do we do that?” she asked. She glanced at Firelight who was still laughing/ crying Nightfall snapped her fingers again and a jet appeared. “I'm guessing we’re supposed to get on that..?” (insert name) mumbled. Firelight clapped her hands together like a toddler. “Yeah.. but can anyone here fly a plane or jet?” (insert name) asked. Nightfall raised her hand. “i can play Mario Kart- does that count?” (insert name) rolled his eyes. “Like a actual jet.” Nightfall, irritated, snapped her hands and a pilot appeared. “Who- what- when- why-” it asked. “JUST FLY THE DANG PLANE” said Nightfall. “Ok, ok, no need to scream, I have feelings too.” they said “YES I CAN SEE THAT BUT I ACTUALLY DON'T CARE” said Nightfall, while rolling her eyes. “Fun fact, If you eat anything too spicy for your taste, You should drink milk 🤓
👉 👈 ”
“Sir what. I'm going to have to file a restraining order against you.” said Nightfall. Firelight laughed. “Also, we don't need fun facts right now. Right now, we need the dang pilot to FLY THE PLANE.” With that, Nightfall and (insert name) turned to glare at them. (insert name) whispered to Nightfall. “Remember the knives?” He whispered with a slightly evil smirk on his face. Nightfall shared the same evil smirk on (insert name)’s face when she heard him. “Fine then. If you don’t fly this jet, I will make you.” said Nightfall in a taunting voice. “Hah! As if you can do that!” scoffed the person. Nightfall grinned and snapped her fingers. 25 swords appeared in front of him. “O-ok, I-I’ll fly the pl…pla…plan…plane!” said the person. “Good.” Said Nightfall as she snapped her fingers and the knives disappeared. “Get in the front.” Nightfall said coldly. “Hot diggity dog!” said Firelight, copying Goofy from ©Mickey Mouse. Firelight’s IQ lowered by 89%. “I think we need a doctor for her..” began (insert name). Then, they heard a loud crash and a scream. Nightfall and (insert name) turned invisible and stuff. “Don’t try to hide. said Shadow, staring right at them. “I can see through your little tricks.”. She snapped her fingers and Firelight woke up. “Where am i..?” she mumbled. (insert name) turned to Shadow.


“Dearest brother, how nice to meet you. Aigan. I have given you a home, and you chose to escape from it?!” Said Shadow. (insert name) didn't flinch. “Actually it was more of a prison than a home, the only thing I could do is lie there and wait for someone to head in there.” He continued. “Ane when they finally warm up to me, You call them over and they disappear and then shoot me a dirty look as if saying, “Is this what you were planning the whole time?” Nightfall shuddered. “Hah! Foolish little brother, you really thought I would let you go after all this time?” said Shadow, mockingly. “Actually he never said anything about you letting him go so..” said Firelight with the world's nerdiest face. 🤓 “Yeah no offense, your pretty bad at interpreting stuff.” Added Nightfall 🤓 Shadow’s smirk turned into a frown. “You think you're so smart don't you? Well-""Actually we do.” said Nightfall. She and Fielight high-fived. (insert name) stood still and was very calm. Shadow on the other hand was raging, having steam out of her ear, and was very red-almost purple. “HOW DARE YOU UNGRATEFUL PEASANTS TALK BACK TO ME, THE GREAT O’ MIGHTY O’ SHADOW-” “Yeahhhh, How dare us, we’re soooooooooooooooo scareddd!!” Interrupted Firelight with sarcasm in her tone. Nightfall followed Firelight’s lead and said, “Yahhhh!! It’s like we don’t even care!!!” Shadow rolled her eyes. “You little brats.” “ Sorry Ma'am, Are you talking to yourself?” asked Firelight in a very polite manner, but there was still a hint of sarcasm. Nightfall snickered. (insert name) was slowly walking closer and to Shadow without her noticing. “WHAT. I AM NOT TALKING TO MYSELF!!!!” she screamed. “Ohhh, so that's what people mean by raging.” mumbled Nightfall loud enough for everyone to hear.


Shadow had more steam coming out her ears. She snapped her fingers and the plane disappeared. At that moment, (insert name) launched at her and handcuffed her hands. Shadow snicked, snapped her fingers and the handcuffs disappeared. “Foolish, foolish children.” she laughed.
“Funny, cuz you're not much of an adult yourself,” said Firelight. “Yes, but I'm more of an adult then both of you- all three of you combined.” she said calmly. “Are you sure about that?” aid (insert name), rejoining the group. “As sure as the nose on my face.” she said, with a wicked grin. “Well, you happen to be the twin of Voldemort from Harry Potter so I suppose that's not true.” said Nightfall. Firelight and (insert name) snicked. Until now, Shadow was trying to keep her cool, but now, her face was red, almost purple, and she sighed. “Look, I don’t have the time to deal with this mess so stay away, children.” “But that would mean you are dealing with yourself so you should stay away from yourself.” said (inset name) “WHAT. YOU DO NOT TALK TO YOUR QUEEN LIKE THAT!!” said Shadow. Nightfall scoffed. What’s so funny?” she asked angrily. “If you say that you're my “Queen” then how did I manage to steal from you?” “WHAT .DID. YOU. STEAL.” She asked. Nightfall pulled out Firelight’s sword. Nightfall then threw the sword at Firelight and she caught it midair. “Yeah-um- I was… planning! I was planning for you steal the sword!!” she said. “Keep telling yourself that. Perhaps you'll believe it.” Shadow snapped her fingers. The Diamond of Darkness flew to her hands.

“I challenge you- all of you to a duel.” she said. (insert name) looked around. I think I'm going to sit this one out- if that’s ok with you guys.” he said nervously. Fireelight nodded. “Yeah, sure, you can sit out” Shadow smirked “Ok, we accept your duel.” Said Firelight. Right on cue, Their surroundings were surrounded by a wall of fire. (insert name) was inside the wall. “Oops. sorry.” Said Shadow, not sounding apologetic at all. (insert name) looked worried. “Ok, so first person to get pushed to the wall of fire will lose.” she said calmly. Firelight nodded and Nightfall snapped her fingers and her dagger appeared into her hands. *insert dramatic music and stuff* Then, they started fighting or whatever. Nightfall snapped her fingers, and the Diamond of Darkness appeared into her hands. “HEYYYYY!!” cried Shadow angrily. ‘THATS MINE!!! I BOUGHT IT AT MY LOCAL THRIFT STORE!!” Nightfall and Firelight were flabbergasted “What do you mean thrift store? I thought you said you got it from a family heirloom?” asked Firelight. “Well-um- I- Yes! We got this family heirloom from the thrift store.” Shadow stuttered. “ThAt’S fAkE nEwS!!” said (insert name) “She bought it from the thrift store a 5 years ago!” “HEyyy!! Stawp embarrassing mehhh!!” Shadow cried. Firelight used the moment to attack Shadow. "HEYY I WAS JUST GETTING TO MY SAPPY PART OF MY PLAN!!” shouted Shadow. “Your plan…?” “YEAH! I WAS GONNA PLAY VICTIM AND THE ATTACK YOU TW-” Shadow stopped mid-sentence. Nightfall tried to hit her. Shadow moved away and started fighting them. Just when Nightfall and Firelight were 1 foot away from pushing Shadow to the fire, (insert name) came in and helped Shadow. “(insert name), what are you doing? Why are you helping Shadow?” asked Firelight. “I’m quite sore- actually I'm not sorry at all. I was always siding with Shadow. I am and always will be loyal to my sister, so I will do everything to protect her like befriending the enemy and other sappy things.” said (insert name) (insert name) then took the Diamond of Darkness and gave it to Shadow. “Thank you brother, I had to test your loyalty to see if you would still help me.” “You know I will always be loyal to you, sister.” Nightfall rolled her eyes. “Enough with the sappy stuff, let’s get this over with.” with that, she snapped her fingers and Shadow’s hair was lit on fire. “AEEEEEEEEE!!” Squealed Shadow. “HAHHAH!” laughed Firelight. “SHE LAUGHS LIKE A BABY!!” Firelight snapper her fingers and (inset name)’s Hair was also lit on fire. “Awwooppp!!” (insert name) said. Nightfall clapped her hands and Shadow and (insert name) turned bind “Mother!! COME!!” screamed Shadow. “She won’t come, because you ended her life, remember?” said (insert name). “You are so annoying.” mumbled Shadow. “If you can’t handle the truth, then what are you going to do about lies?” Asked (insert name) “if I could see you, I would punch you in the face.” Growled Shadow. Nightfall and Forelight were sneaking up behind them. “Well, you're as blind as a star-nosed mole, so there.” Said (insert name) Nightfall and Firelight were behind them. “I’m sorry but I didn’t know Rats could speak.” Gritted Shadow through her teeth. Then, in a flash, Shadow turned to face Firelight, who was behind her. “Fun fact, if you’re blind, all your other senses will increase causing your hearing and taste to increase.” Said Shadow, with a smirk on her face. “Bro, you can see the future, you ugly naked mole rat.” Called out Nightfall (Note: I did my research on the two mole rat things, look it up sometimes 🤓) Firelight nodded. “Well you two can also see the future and you still attempted to attack us?” Said (insert name) who then turned to Nightfall who was standing behind him. Shadow snickered, and tried to high-five (insert name) but missed his hand by 6 inches “Haha!!” Laughed Firelight. Nightfall snorted.

Shadow growled and (insert name) sighed. “Oh wait…” mumbled Shadow. She snapped her fingers and locked eyes with Firelight. “I can cast spells too.” She snickered “oh gee! I can see now!” Exclaimed (insert name). Nightfall lunged at (insert name) when he wasn’t looking and sliced him with her dagger 🗡️ “ouchieee!!” He exclaimed, while holding his slightly bleeding face. “You! What are you doing with my brother” growled Shadow. “Oh, nothing, that’s just a small nick.” Said Nightfall “small nick!?” Cried (insert name) “then I’m afraid to see your version of a cut.” He said, trying to get his act together. “Goofy ahh” said. Nightfall sarcastically. Then some more fighting happened.

It had been 2 hours and everyone was tired but no one wanted to admit that. Bob had been on the sidelines watching the show with the popcorn from earlier. “I will never” *crunch* “give up!” Shadow “womp womp wommpppppp” said Firelight. “Ugh, stop acting so childish!” Said (insert name) “well, considering this is coming from someone younger than me I’ll take your opinion as trash.” “Shut up!” Said (insert name) “I’ll shut up when you shut up.” said Firelight. “UGH. YOU LITTLE CHILDREN ARE SO ANNOYING.” said Shadow. With tat, she snapped her fingers and she and (insert ame disappeared.) “quitierr!!” called out Firelight. “yEaH!! qUiTtErS!!” said Nightfall. They Nightfall and Firelight walked back to their base. “Rce yah!” said Firelight, running with her supperspeed. “Thats not fair!” said Nightfall. “I don’t care!” said Firelight, while laughing. Nightfall sighed and tried to catch up with her.
30 minutes later.. (yes another timeskip)
They were i their base and they were sitting on beanbags and playing Mario Kart. “First place again!” called out Nightfall. “Thats because you always know the shortcuts!” replyed Firelight.. “I know, I know, I’m amazing.” said Nightfall. Firelight threw a pillow at her head. Nightfall threw it back at her. Then, they heard footsteps. “Who is it?” asked Nightfall, then covered her mouth. She motioned Firelight to hide into a closet and stay there until she says she can come out. “It is I, Opal The Great.” Firelight blasted her with a blast of fire. “OCHIEE!!! MOMMYYYYYYYY HELP MEHHHHHH!!” Opal cried. Nightfall made her call her mom. “Hey mommy, I hate you and your guts. I hope you fall off a cliff and rot in hell! Then I can steal your house and then I can live in a house and not bbe homeless. TEHEHEHHEHEHEHHEHEHHEHEH!!!” Nightfall made Opal say to her mother. Her mother hang up. Opal started to sob. “NOOOOOO!! MY MOMMY HATES MEEEEE!!! SHE HA–” Nightfall cut her off “enough with the pity act, time for the ACTUAL fun stuff.” Firelight snapped her fingers and Opal’s hair feel off. “Opps, looks like SOMEONES balding.” said Firelight. “b-b-but I’m just 48-” said Opal and then clamped her hand over her mouth. “WAIT. YOUR 48??” asked Nightfall. “Yeah heck I am- WAIT i’m NOT 48 I did NOT stay in 10th grade 33 years!!” She cried. “But ma’am, you did.” pointed out Firelight. (please wait while Opal has a mental breakdown. plays cringe music youll find in that one phone call to that one store) “My mommy can’t ever find out!” she cried. “But your “mommy” hates you.” said Nightfall. “BAHHHHHH MOMMY!! HELPP THEY BULLY MEE!!!” she sobbed. Firelight snickered. “H-how dare you laugh at me!” said Opal, regaining herself. “Actually, that was a snicker 👆🤓” said Firelight. “Also, don’t try to change the subject Opal.” Said Nightfall “I’m not- I won’t- I’m NOT changing the subject.” Obbjected Opal. “But you just did.” said Firelight.
“Right,” Nightfall laughed.
Firelight narrowed her eyes. “Why are we playing around? We should be finding Shadow and destroying her.”
Nightfall scoffed. “The little ragequitter ran away. We have no idea where she and the traitor (insert name) went.”
Firelight shrugged. “Yeah, we’ll just wait for her to track us down I guess. I’m not worried about that little rat hurting us.” She laughed.
“Second round?” Nightfall asked.
Opal wasn’t done with her breakdown.
“Gorl can you please cry someplace else so me and Firelight can play Mario Kart-”
Opal was sobbing so loudly at the point that she didn’t even hear Nightfall.
“Well…….we can always dispose of her. She’s no use anyways!!!” Firelight said, and she shot a blast of fire at Opal, who ran away screaming, “MY HAIRS ON FIRE!!11!11”
“What a pleasent view,” said Firelight as she watched Opal run in circles yelling.
“ykw let’s just kick her out,” Nightfall said.
And so they did.
Firelight and Nightfall relaxed in their beanbag chairs. Nightfall fell asleep during their game and so Firelight grabbed a black marker and scribbled on Nightfall’s face. She drew her a mustache.
Nightfall yawned, and Firelight was almost done with the finishing touches when she heard a large boom from above the ground.
Nightfall woke up, her eyes wide. “FIRELIGHT U BETTER NOT BE DOING WHAT I THI-”
“NIGHTFALL!!!! FIRELIGHT!!!!!!” screamed a high-pitched voice.
“What do you want now, Shadow?” Firelight muttered, though she knew that Shadow wasn’t able to hear her, since the base was underground.
“I KNOW YOU’RE HERE SOMEWHERE!!” Shadow shouted.
“Ugh… not her again,” Nightfall murmered.
“Come on,” whispered Firelight. “Let’s sneak on her from behind.”
Nightfall nodded.
Nightfall grabbed Firelight’s hand and they teleported together to above the base. They were behind bushes, and they “fine then, how old are YOU??” she inquired. “48 years old.” said Firelight. “What!?! You mean you didn't stay in 10th grade for 33 years?” Asked a flabbergasted Opal. “Actually, not all of us are as dumb as you. 🤓” retorted Nightfall. “Har har” said Firelight. Then Shadow and (insert name) appeared. “DAnggg, this place is niceee…” said (insert name) “hey Shadow, can we steal this place?” Shadow rolled her eyes “Duh. It’s gonna be OUR base soon ya suckers.” Firelight threw pringles at her. “HEYYY HOW DARE YO- actuallyits pretty good” she said. Nightfall got out a gun. HEYYYYYYY THAT'S NOT FAIR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!” Cried (insert name) It shot out pringles into their face. Shadow had enough. “HoW dArE yOu!!!” said Shadow. “Shiver me timbers!! I’m so scared!! Help me dear god!!” cried Nightfall sarcastically. (insert name) rolled his eyes. “Yeah right, I can tell that your being sarcastic.” He said. “Aw gee! Its like im trying to hide the sarcasm! Shive me timbers! How did you find out?!?!?!?” she exclaimed wile rollig her eyes. Shadow grunted. “Lets go (insert name), we sould quit burning daylight with these imbeciles” she said and was walking over to the door overdramaticly. “It’s really amusing to see you try to fit all your vocabulary into one sentence!” Called out Firelight. Shadow and (insert name) whipped their heads back. “What did you say about me?” gritted Shadow through her teeth. “I said, You are brainless like your servant Brainless.” said Firelight calmly. Shaodow stalked closer to her. “Say. That. Agian. I. Dare. you.” (insert name) said, backing Shadow up. “In case you two are to deaf to hear, You are brainless like your servant Brainless that was actually smarter than both of you combined.” She said, luging at Shadow. Opal covered her eyes. “Oh grow up!” said Nightfall, on her way to help Firelight tackle Shadow. Shadow was now on the floor, along with (insert name). “When I get out of here i’m gonna-” Shadow fell asleep….deep, deep sleep….



Shadow woke up in a cell. “Ugh, Where am I?” “Your in the coordinates 41°24'12.2"N 2°10'26.5"E 🤓” said Nightfall. “Wow, thats so specific.” Shadow said while clapping her hands. “I know right, it is fr so specific” Said Firelight, with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Shaodow looked around. “Heyy, where did my staff and watch go?” she asked. Said Shadow.”um its over- wait. You have a watch?” asked Firelight. “Bro do you even check the time? 💀” asked Nightfall. “Yes to the first question but no to the second question.” She said as if it was obvious. “Also wheres my sla- my brother?” “Oh, he’s fine just in the next chamber 800,893,289,7289 miles away.” said Nightfall calmly. Shadow was flabbergasted. Even though she was a powerful woman, she couldnt have a jail that She looked out and saw a very long hallway. “Theres no wayy of you escaping, Shadow. Your going to be locked in here for the rest of your life.” said Nightfall. “Byee suckas!” She called out when the two friends walked away. They were back in their base, where they were trolling kids and sitting on a beanbag. “Stupid children.” said Firelight with a mouthful of Cheezits©. “I know right” Nightfall said.
(NOTE: TO WHOEVER'S READING THIS, I WROTE THIS AT 4AM-ish SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK) after all the little children left the game to supposedly tell their parents, Firelight and Nightfall turned off the game system. “OPAL, WHAT TIME IS IT?” asked Nightfall. Opal, looking extremely tired, replied with, “it is 3:59 AM” and then fell asleep. “Imbeciles,” said Firelight.

So anyways back to Shadow and (insert name). They were still stuck in the cage. (Ima stop cuz im feeling kinda dizzy ✏)
(So like im still awake even tho i gotta go to school but anyways…) The cage was crusty, musty, dusty, and zusty. “This is so uncomfortable” mumbled Shadow. “WHAT??” called out (insert name), for he couldn't hear her. “I SAIDDD, THIS IS SO UNCOMFORTABLE.” yelled Shadow. “WHATTTTTTTT????” asked (inssert name) once more. “I SAIDD, TH- actually nevermind.” said Shadow “WHATTTTTTTTT???” asked (insert name) “I SAID, NEVERMIND” called out Shadow. The funny thing is, this was all just a prank. Firelight had created some type of bug that makes it very hard to for them to hear each other, and Nightfall and Firelight were watching through the TV. Opal walked over to them. “Erm… ladies, do you need a popcorn refill?” she asked. “Ugh, Opal, you are so annoying, i would snap you away if I didn’t know any better.” said Firelight. “Oh wait–” she snapped her fingers and Opal appeared in the cage in front of Shadow’s. “Heyyyy, what are you doing here you old woman?” asked Shadow. “What- no- im only 48, you don’t think I look THAT old right?” asked Opal solemnly. “Nah, you look older💀” said Shadow. “How Dwareeew youhh offcvedncee mehhhhhh!” said Opal. Shadow shot her a glare so deadly she started to cry (Nah, it wasnt THAT deadly, its just becasue she’s weak) “Whaaaaa!!! MOMMYYYYYY! THEY BULLY MEEE!!” cried Opal. “Hey, it's not my fault your weak.” said Opal with a shrug. Opal’s cries echoed through the long hallway. “CAN YOU LIKE SHUT UP??” asked (insert name) “nooonoonoonoonoonoonoonoonoonoonoonoonoonoonoonoo I can’ttttttttttt” called out Opal. “How do you do that with your voice?” asked Shadow.

That day, (yes the whole day), the little imbeciles chose to practice their vocal cords(and break some eardrums).
“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Said Shadow. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo noooooooooooooooot Likkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk thattttttttttt”said Opal. They were having way to much fun, so Firelight Decided to put a end to it. “So, from now on, no oen can talk or you will have fire ants in your cages.” she said. Opal gulped. She remembered the painful fire ants back in the days. So, against her will, she nodded her head and started reading. “Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy whatttttttts soooooooooooooo scarryyyyyyyyyyyy aboutttttttttttttt the ant?” asked Shadow. “Well, lucky you, your about to find out.” Shadow snickered. “How bad can it be?” “Nightfall, release the ants.” Nightfall opon Firelight’s command, released the ants on Shadow and the moment they touched her, she started crying. “OUCHIEEE!! THAT HURTS!!” she cried like a child. Firelight commanded the ants back to her. “Tasted my fury yet??” asked Firelight all sweet and nicely. “Not. even. Close.” gritted Shadow through her teeth. “Very well.” said Firelight coldly. Nightfall looked at Firelight in shock. What had happen to her friend? She thought to herself. A sudden voice interrupted her. “Nightfall. Do you hear me? Release. The. ants.” Nightfall shook her head. “No Firelight. What has gotten into you? What happened?” asked Nightfall “Noo. nothung happened. Im still the samd ol’ me! Your best friend, Firelight ඞ”“well that was weird and sus.” mumbled (insert name). Shadow started screaming. “HEYYY!! THE ANTS ARE BACKKKK!” cried Shadow. “Excuse mauh, that is mauh sistah and onlyh Ih get to torcher herh.” said (insert name). “I mean like who would want to torcher this ugly person?” asked Nightfall, genuinely confused. “Ughh, how dareth youh say shat!!” said (insert name). “WhAt? SoRrY i DoN’t UnDeRsTaNd YaPpNeAsE” said Nightfall. “Youth little-” started (insert name) “Actually, for the eighth million time, I AM OLDER THAN YOU.” said Nightfall as she snapped her hand to every word. “I know that, you made that point clear every time we talked.” mummbleed (insert name) “Thank you! I really try!” said Nightfall. “NIGHTFALL. DO YOU HEAR ME? I SAID, RELEASE THE ANTS!” shouted Nightfall. “Nuh uh. I won’t do that. I am not your slave.” said Nightfall. Firelight rolled her eyes. “Well, my parents were right about one thing, if you want something done, do it yourself.” With that, she took out a whole bucket of fire ants and released them. “AHHHH!! THAT ACTUALLY HURT!!” cried Shadow. Nightfall ran up the stairs leading to the jail. She opened the door, headed back in her castle and locked the door. Nightfall snapped and the door on Firlights castle locked. She turned on the TV, on there was a live broadcast of the jail he had under hers and Firelights castle. On the TV, it showed that Shadow had been hitting herself and she was bleeding. “What in tarnation….” mummbled Nightfall. Once agian, she snapped her fingers and she appeared in the jail where pure chaos was happening.

“What is happening here?” asked Nightfall as she walked in the “warzone”. (insert name) was hiding in a connor of his cell, Shaodww was banging her head on the wall now, and Firelight just kept releasing the ants. “Heyyyy… wheres Opal?” asked Nightfall. “At.. your… service…” mumbled a sleep deprived Opal. “This is…. This is.. This is pure chaos!! Shadow and Fireliight! What are you two doing??” She shook her head and the fire ants and a invisible wall that shocks you every time you tuches it appeared. Shadow was trying to bang her head on the wall agian when she got shocked. “Nightfall.” Firelight growled, “What are YOU doing here?” “Am I not allowed to be here?” mocked Nightfall. Firelight took a deep breath, pretending to be irritated. “Your not ALLOWED to be here, you do know that right?” Said Firelight. “Actually, your on my land right now so get off.” replied Nightfall. “Ugh, you did NOT just try to kick me off MY land after I so a new, preppy, pink, wannabe, zesty, hot pink stanley cup.” said Firelight, while showing her acrylic nail. “Like it’s fr so preppy in here” she continued. Shadow started shocking herself on the wall and (insert name) shot Firelight a weird look. Firelight just continued and snapped her fingers and she turned from emo to preppy, zesty, wannabe. “Ew.” said Nightfall with a face full of disgust. “Ugh, are YOU being homophobic?” asked Firelight with a piece of gum in her mouth. “No…? How is that homophobic?” “Ewwww ewww!!! So emo in here!” said Firelight, still chewing her gum. Nightfall shot her a look of disgust. “I’m so ugly!!” said Firelight to (insert name) while playing with her hair. “Yeah, no joke.” said (insert name), and shoved her away harshly. “Stawppp yaurhhh embbarssinghhh mehhh!” said Firelight, still messing with her hair. “Ma’m, I said you were ugly.” said (insert name), rolling his yes. “Naurrrr!!! Stawppp!!” said Firelight. Nightfall shook her head and Firelihght was sent back into her castle. Up there, there was screamining and shounting sounding like, “AHHHHHH WHY DiD YOU TURN PEPPY PRINCESS?” and “STAWPPPPP!! YOUR EMBARSSING MEHHHHH!!” Nightfall rubbed her temples. “God…” she mumbled. “Oh My GoD sOmEoNe ShUt ThAt NpC oFf…” She stormed down the stairs to the jail. “Goddamn it you fucking peice of bullshit.” Mumbled Nightfall. We don't talk about what's in the white ✨ Meanwhile… In there, Firelight was turning everyone preppy in the jail. ‘Ugh, its so ✨Preppy✨ in here!!” exclaimed Opal. “Oh no.” Nightfall grited through her teeth. She snapped hher fingers and everything turned back to tht crusty, musty, zusty, old jail. “Ahhhh, My eyeballs feel better instantly.” said Shadow “Thanks Nightfall.” “no problem.” she replied, feeling happy for herself.


Nightfall woke up t the sound of screaming Where am I? She thought. Then she remembered, she was still in the jail! She scrambled

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