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by Rosy
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A little girl that grown with weirder knowledge but without a helper achieved her goal.
It was about a little girl that achieve her gald through many persecution, though it was not very easy but she was able to achieved her goal, she was the third born of her mother her parents are every caring and loving while growing up she never known that a big calamity it ahead of her until she lost her Father though she has stated experience that when her mother took her father to a naboughring Town for a treatment after the death of her father she only the one who can assist her mother become it will take time for her mother to stated going to farm or market so she is the one doing all that for her mother one day he went to farm to bring yam for the famely on getting to the farm she put the yam on the basin she look around for help to help her lift the load on her. head but know body she try several time to lift the load but all the yam in the basin will pool on the ground she crying for help but know body around to help her she remembered that her father love her so much she thinking that if her fether is around he migh have help her with that faith in her she try it once more she was able to Cary that load on her head.
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