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A personal heartfelt confession. Love and my word bind me.
For many years I held back tears.
Born from my utter frustration, isolation, and loss.
Never have I taken from you all,
For your love, I suffer silently, every day.

Oh, to smile, hiding all the while,
The bitterness of being had, makes me mad.
All that was given turned to gold.
As time flew out my broken glass windows.

Although fame and fortune have been elusive,
I'd rather be alone than turn from love.
My soul is found within my art.
All I asked for was a humble start.

Many swallowed my hook, line, and sinker.
Although I worked freely, I'm no simple fool.
My treatment led me to thy door,
To return back into the shadows once more.

May all your dreams become reality.
You're a pot of gold at rainbow's end.
I'm still caught within a perpetual hailstorm,
Pelted at every turn, with nowhere to go.

My willingness to give out of love,
Has framed all of humanity for an eternity.
My gifts given are not for sale,
For humanities collective love is priceless beyond reason.

As the wind blows, filling my sails,
Carrying my love forward into the unknown future,
I'm thankful to have returned your love.
My eternal reward was simply making a difference.
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