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by Elliot
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A poem I wrote after my ex boyfriend dumped me.
Leaving you feels like putting a file in a cabinet.
Just one folder of memories, lined along the rest.
I won’t be sad anymore, you don’t deserve my tears.
So in the cabinet you go, maybe soon I’ll forget.

And I have to wonder how leaving me feels.
I’m simply one sight to see, and you’re just a tourist
I’m pretty in the moment, but not meant to be dwelled on.
I’m just another trip checked off your list.

And this is far worse than all of the past times,
Every promise you made has been forgotten.
You lied to my face, and you ripped out my heart.
When you were done dissecting me, I was no longer art.

What really hurts most is all the dishonesty.
Was my help not enough, did my love have no value?
The second you were rid of me, you found someone new.
You just stopped loving me, it was out of the blue.

Leaving you after two years of this has opened my eyes.
You’ve shown your true colors, and I’ve now realized-
I’ve got nothing to hide, nothing to be guilty for,
But you act like the bigger person, when you committed the crime.

And truly I can’t say I hope that you’re happy.
I can’t wish you the best, when you’ve taken me to my worst.
You manufactured a story, you orchestrated my downfall,
Just to dump me in the garbage like our love meant nothing.

So after two years, it all ends like this.
I’m putting you in the very back of my filing cabinet.
I’m putting you there, somewhere I’ll never reach.
Have fun with the cobwebs, it's my f*****g treat.
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