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(2024 WDC Heartthrob awarded) Destined love should arrive, be marked for all time.
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I set words to paper with a dry quill,
Shoulder a stone scribed, committed to blood.
Unspoken words cannot echo, but trill
Resonate gentle, unrequited love.

Pledge to me your blood, fated bliss divine.
Till the sunset of time, seal upon seal,
Two hearts betrothed forever intertwine.
Steadfast, what then our union to reveal?

Enduring testament, love's hopeful start,
In every beat, your love I'll enshrine.
In time's last echo, we’ll never be apart,
Riches savored, our flowing cup devine.

Melt my seal with your heart's true embrace,
Glue-bond, undeniable strength, and true.
In whispered vows, our heat-souls interlace,
Let penetrate pools of clear, paint blue.

In life, death, a bond unbroken…sworn,
Undeniable, never severed or torn.

18 lines, extended, sonnet-like
"Love For It’s True Worth

What Did I Do To Hurt You?
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