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A poem of self-reflection
Started crying today, reasons unclear,
Eyes glossed over, drowning in fear.
Of a world that's both cruel and unkind,
Tears fall, emotions I can't leave behind.

Thoughts of my father, whos pride I’ve surely lost,
Left my family,and it's been a heavy cost.
The thought, a heavy weight,
Polite agreement, but behind, they hesitate.

Online, my photos less in view,
Lingering doubts, judgments accrue.
Can't be their "daughter," it seems,
Shame for them, my LGBT truth teems.

Maybe they fear the flames of hell,
Rejecting me, to save themselves, they dwell.
Scared of the truth, they dare not say,
Hiding behind a mask every day.

Anxiety fueled by medication's embrace,
Access to care, a constant race.
Yelled at in public, a painful sting,
Politicians wanting my head on a string.

Didn't choose this life, but it's me,
Hard to bear, yet I'm still free.
Better than being a boy, hating every day,
Embracing myself, come what may.
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