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Really pissed right and am writing to cope

A doctors oath is very important and can't be taken for granted it cannot.
The better way to write it is a doctors oath shouldn't be taken for granted.
I deal with doctors who seem not to be in the right line of work.
They care not about their oath,your health but only their wealth.

They have long grown tired of waiting on folks.
Long grown tired of caring for folks.
Listening to them complain and whine their best whine.
I can almost hear them audibility say do you want cheese to do with that whine.
Whoever thought up the nerve conduction test should be drug out in the street and shot.

I want to be positive however today I sure am not.
Unless you count that I am positive that they really don't care about me.
Positive that they will never treat me any better or see me or hear me they will not.
So I have to look to the Lord for any real help I do.
However I am a little pissed right now at even God.

Why Lord Why does this have to be me.
Then again it has to be someone so why not you.
Yeah that would be the high road that I am not really ready to take.
I am just am not,I am need a little more Jesus for this for sure!
Thank God for the few doctors that still do this job with all their heart.

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