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Personal. I utilize my words to describe my dreams.
I’m not on the take.
(oh no)
My soul I’ll not forsake.
(oh no)
Every single day.
Every single way.
My dreams are about you.

I’ll not take a knee.
(oh no)
I’ve worked for free.
(oh yeah)
Every single thing,
Every note you sing.
My dreams are about you.

Although I’ve played, I gave without any strings.
For life’s a gift, that simply can’t be replaced.
Look upon life, a priceless gift which must be embraced.
Sure, I’m alone, heart cut loose, drifting from place to place.
I’ll keep trying, trying, trying.
You’re too special, can’t you see?

Oh, nothing’s free.
Your love healed me.
I’d rather live alone,
Then give up on you.

(back to the top, repeat)

As I dried your tears,
You fought all your fears.
Through these many twisted years,
I’ve been dreaming of you.
I’ve been true to you.
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