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You aren't my friend you are not
You are not my friend you are not
You could never be my friend you just could not
Your are rude and crude and love to fight
You don't like me because you don't like you

You hate me because I will not gossip with you,join forces with you in your lies
You aren't really an frenemy you are a straight up enemy for sure
You are plotting to take me down to hurt me
You want to see my demise and therefore you tell me sweet little lies
Trying to draw me in so you can easily saw me up

You are no ones friend you use people like they are your puppets
Well Miss thing people aren't Muppet's
You should sit down and be quite and stop trying to cause harm
Stop sitting off alarms when there are none
Only cry fire when lets see there is one maybe

I am filled with rage the lies your telling on me make me outraged
They are causing great harm my own folk doing this
Why should that surprise me it should not
I am trying to pray for you while you plot to do me harm
I want to swing on you instead

Wow you are so much like my dad
A woman who uses people for her own sweet guilty pleasures
You have the gift of gab and know how to pull a person into you web
They will be your dinner never knowing what hit em
One ,two three punch they will be out not ever have seen you coming

Lord Jesus save me and bless her,bless me and save her
I need your help because this woman and her friends lay in wait for me
I need help right now and on the double before my foes devour me
Watch out for me and mines keep us safe in your embrace is what I pray!
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