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Where is Chloe's Easter Gift? WDC Writer's Cramp entry 405 words
Five-year-old Chloe stands in the doorway to her brother’s room with her hands on her hips. “What did you do with Rainbow Bunny?”

Teegan, who is seven and totally smarter than his sister, sticks his tongue out at her. “What, your stupid stuffed bunny? I haven’t seen that dumb thing,” he mocks.

“His name is Rainbow Bunny!” she yells back indignantly. Mom gave her the stuffed animal as an Easter gift. She’s had him in a place of honor on her bed since then. A whole week. And now he’s missing. “What did you do with him? He was on my bed and now he’s not and I know you took him!”

Teegan jumps off the bed to run over and pull her into his room, hastily closing the door.

“Stop yelling!” he whispers harshly.

Chloe wrenches her arm free from his grip, at the same time looking around his room. Teegan wouldn’t be so stupid as to put her bunny somewhere obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to look.

Teegan is trapped. He had to shut the door so mom wouldn’t hear Chloe complaining. But now that she’s in here, how’s he going to get her out?

“Just give him back and I’ll leave. I won’t tell Mom. I promise.” His little sister’s wheedling tone grates on his nerves.

“I didn’t take your stupid bunny. I told you. Musta been the Bogeyman ah hah aha ha!” Teegan lunges at her, arms extended in his scariest pose, at the same time raising his voice to scary Bogeyman level.

Chloe shrieks and dives for his bed. “STOP!”

He laughs in scary Bogeyman again, hoping to scare her into leaving. “Ah hahahahaa!”

This time her scream is muffled as she pulls one of the pillows over her head to get away from the sound he’s making. She knows it’s only her stupid brother teasing her, but still. He knows how much she hates being scared.

The bedroom door opens. Teegan stops menacing his sister.

Chloe, knowing rescue is at hand, scoots off the bed, running straight towards her mother.

She clutches at her mother's arm. “Mom! He’s scaring me!”

“Teegan! Stop teasing your sister.” Her hand rests on her daughter’s head for a moment, then she pulls a piece of colored fluff from Chloe’s hair.

“What’s this?”

Chloe takes one look and screams at the top of her lungs. “RAINBOW BUNNY!” She dives for the bed again. Her hand goes under the pillow. When she pulls it back, it’s covered in bits of fluff. In her grip is a rainbow-colored rabbit’s foot. Just the foot.

The End

405 words

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