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Time is indeed fleeting. Anything can and does happen. Flash Fiction Winner!
         From the darkened diningroom doorway I surveyed the bobbing balloons, the Happy Birthday banner and the piece de resistance , the cake. While I held no delusions that I'd win a popular television baking program with my meager efforts I whispered Nailed It .
         The birthday girl would have her unicorn themed party. How many please, please, pleases had she directed my way? How could I deny Alex that lopsided horn atop her special treat and the rainbow hued icing swirled into a wannabe flowing mane?
         In the blink of an eye my eldest had turned into a five-year old. With a sigh I wiped a tear from my cheek along with a sticky smear of that frosting.
         As I flicked on the light my youngest tottered past with a Barbie doll clenched between her teeth and a streak of something blue and purple around her mouth. I made a mental note to check that out soon. Before the guests arrived the cake needed to be finished with a handful of candles.
         It took pushing two of the candles into the unicorn before I noticed tiny foot prints blazing a trail across my handiwork. Was this sibling sabotage?
         I stumbled into the kitchen intending to grab a knife to smooth the tracks. The doorbell chimed. Alex swung the door open to greet her friends.
         Within seconds Alex led her giggling chums in to see her requested unicorn. Four girls stared open-mouthed.
         Caught red-handed posing a barefoot Barbie with one arm draped round the golden horn I mimed an arm flourish, a ta-da motion.
         "Barbie thought she could drop by and ride your birthday unicorn. We're too big, aren't we?"
         Her sister wandered into the room still gnawing another doll slippery with drool. Alex squinted. Three sets of hands clapped and I bowed.
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