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Writing a letter to my brother who has departed.
Dear Brother,

If only you could read, these words I write today.
I wish we could have mended, the pain we talked that day.

Growing up wasn't easy, our memories weren't all that good.
There were things we had to hide, only later to be understood.

I want you to know, I didn't hate you at all.
We grew apart growing up, we wouldn't even call.

I wish we had more time, wish God had given me a sign.
Many wasted moments, unspoken words leave me crying.

Sometimes I wake up strong, I feel I can conquer just one day.
Then something reminds me of you, my big brother Ray.

My life feels at halt, I have no motivation.
Help me find the strength I need in this situation.

Day turns to night and I lie awake.
I want to make you proud, the life I will make.

I'm tired, I'm sad and I'm screaming inside,
my heart is broken and my tears I can't hide.

I'm begging God for more time, to stop the pain and tears.
But who am I fooling? At least he gave us 40 years.

Those years have passed, and I thank you for being my brother,
God once more will give us time, to be with each other.

I love you my brother Ray, for you showed me to be grateful.
A life that God gives us, to love and be faithful.


Your Brother

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