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From the lofty to the mundane...
What does courage mean?
Courage is loving like you're not afraid
Giving when you'd rather keep
Taking that leap
Knowing you're in too deep
And going ahead anyway.
Courage is remembering to speak
To uphold justice for the weak
Stand tall for those who can't
And living in faith every day.
Courage is doing the endless drudgery
That no one sees—
Getting up in the morning
Making your bed
Cooking for yourself
When you're all alone
Taking out the trash
When you'd rather watch YouTube
And fret over headlines.
Courage is doing for your family
When you'd rather "do you"
Sacrificing time and money
Buying them new shoes
Instead of your video games
Knowing the investment is worth it
And the good that you do
Will come full circle
Back to you.

28 lines, free verse.
Partly inspired by the For KING and COUNTRY song Fix My Eyes.
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