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by KS23
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2317754
...but this is the real story.
The race was about to begin. Mr. Rabbit was sitting smugly, nibbling on a carrot, as Mr. Turtle ambled to the starting line.

“What’s that weed resting on your back?” asked Mr.Rabbit.

“Why, that’s my lucky flower,” said Mr. Turtle. “I always wear it when I race. It’s why I’ve never lost.”

“You must be kidding,” said the rabbit. “Isn't it bad enough that you’re as slow as a, well a turtle, but you’re going to carry extra weight?”

“Like I said, I always win when I wear my lucky flower. So, are you ready to race?”

When the gun went off, Mr. Rabbit sped away for about ten yards. Then he paused and looked back at the turtle inching along, barely across the start line, and laughed.

“Oh Mr. Turtle, I think you must be a fibber. I can’t believe you have ever won a race. Unless maybe your competition fell asleep from the boredom of watching you. I, however, really have won many contests.”

“No, I never won race using boredom, Mr. Rabbit,” smiled the turtle. “But why don’t you walk beside me and entertain me with your many accomplishments.”

So the rabbit did just that, until near the end of the race when the course ran through a wooded area.

“Well,” said Mr. Rabbit, “there’s just a few yards to go. It’s time for me to hop to the finish.”

But as the rabbit turned his back to his opponent, Mr. Turtle pulled a string which opened the flower on his shell. Inside was a tranquilizer dart gun with its barrel pointed directly at the cottontail’s cottontail.

Mr. Turtle moseyed up to the sleeping bunny, removed the dart, and proceeded to yet another victory.
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