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Three men discuss something hidden at the Coconut Cove Lounge, then go looking for it.
Tucked into a corner of the Coconut Cove Lounge’s smoky main lounge, Cyril Bennet stared at his two cohorts seated across the table from him. Elwood Dempsey and Alton Doyle watched his face he processed the information they’d just given him.

“Explain it to me one more time,” he demanded.

“Well, see, it’s like this,” Elwood said. “This place used to be owned by Micky Morelli, one of Don Vito Morelli’s boys. The Morellis used this place for some of their, uh, business as it were. Mickey’s supposed to have hidden a couple million dollars somewhere here in the Coconut Cove before he got whacked. “

Alton nodded enthusiastically as his pal spoke.

“Think about it, a fortune in cash and who knows what else. If we can get our hands on whatever’s in that room, it’ll change out lives,” Alton said.

“That’s ridiculous. If Mickey hid a fortune somewhere, I doubt he hid it in the most obvious place. Vinnie’s telling tales again. Everybody’s heard about Mickey’s missing fortune. It’s an old wives’ tale,” Cyril said.

“Come on, Cyril. This is huge.”

Cyril sighed deeply before snuffing out his own cigarette.

“Alright. Where exactly is this stash hidden?”

“The lower level, near his old office.”

With another sigh, Cyril led the way down to the lounge’s lower level, Elwood and Alton following behind. They reached Mickey’s old office and he turned to his companions. He didn’t know how he let the two of them talk him into this. He lifted the old, dusty lamp on the desk and the sound of gears echoed through the office as a section of the office wall slid open. Well, they’d found the secret room.
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