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Bullying is ugly and someone have it harder than others.
How is it allowed a child walks with this pain?
Growing up bullied had driven him insane.

Walking down the hall with a mask made of paint.
The faces they made at him and the laughs that await.

Learning to exist, walked around with a frown.
To everyone around he was just The Clown.

They pushed and they shoved, they didn't even care.
That the boy they taunted, had no friends to share.

He came from rags, and had to learn how to live.
His father never had money, nor any love to give.

Defeated with emotions, he decided to paint his face.
Because that next day at school, a talent show took place.

They called up the kid, but not by his name.
Introduced as The Clown. They'd learn to be ashamed.

He sat there on the stage and read them a note.
of thoughts of suicide, at lunch he had wrote.

"My name is not The Clown,
I am a son of a father I do not know.
After school I walk through town,
crying everyday for being a show.

Why do you bully me everyday?
I am not like you, I know.
You make me hate my life each day,
I might not even see myself grow.

All I want is to be your friend,
Someone you can get to know,
there's days I want my life to end,
The Clown I became of your show.

How would you feel if I wasn't around,
To push and to shove, would you even care?
I don't want to be treated as The Clown,
I just want a couple friends I could share."

The next day, the bullies came to school,
each one painting their face like a clown.
Apologetic, sad they had been so cruel.
Only to find out the boy had drown.

In life we have many friends to make.
So bullying must stop, it's mean.
I'm sure the clowns in this story would take,
another day for the boy to be seen.

Talk to someone if you have thoughts of suicide. You are loved.

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