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Many years ago, it wasn't easy being in love. It wasn't right to feel a certain way.
Two hands on the wheel.
Reflecting who you were to me.
The memories. Secrets we had.
What our relationship would be.

The darkest moments of my life.
I separated myself from family.
The foolish lies I told myself.
Of a secret love. Hidden sexuality.

Times were different then.
False promises, secrets, an act.
Eventually it would consume us.
Dark to light. A heart cracked.

This left me with a mess to clean.
Your family couldn't know your truth.
Times were different then for you.
I've known it since my youth.

Many years later I still think of you.
I can't imagine anything would come from it.
At the end the brokenness strengthened me.
For you, a lie you live and can't admit.

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