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by K.W-B
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I wish you'd stay here forever, my little old man.
Dash backwards,
Dash forwards,
I call to you,
You run from me.

Sneeze, crouch, run, wag,
A solid routine. You

Have grey fur
Around your muzzle.
Your siblings are gone,
And I’m older now.

You get stiff when you lay for long,
Lay on my lap, cover me with slobber.
An old routine, you sleep while I work.
You have new siblings now.

They’re bigger than you, more energetic.
How do they play?

Run to you,
Chomp your legs,
Chase you around the house,
Chase you under the table.

I saw you playing today.
Your old doughnut toy.
You haven’t played with that
For a while.


I found an old picture.
He’s younger than you,
He’s got that crazy in his eyes

A crazy that’s still here, sometimes.

Slumbering in your cosy bed,
I’ll sit on the sofa, you’ll join me.
We’ll sit there until I have to go.
But I'll always come back.

Soon you won’t.
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