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Coming to terms with loneliness.
I feel alone in my most comfortable clothes.
The shirt that has holes, the pants that are too big for me.
I dance around in my tiny room, that has become my sanctuary.
I ignore my phone, because I am alone.
A pile of books on my bed, because no one sits there.
The small whispers of my actions fill the air, I fall asleep. Soundly.
When I when the morning comes, and I wake up early so I truly see it come to me. I feel a sense of solace that the world made it out safely.
By mid-afternoon, when the sun is at, its worst. Dionysus walks me to the grocery store.
We laugh and skip down the hills, avoiding cracks on the sidewalk.
I take a second to look at the Sun, which is in constant competition with the cold atmosphere. In the second everything becomes bigger and more severe.
I look down. I am alone.
I don't buy much because; I live alone.
I skip out on the wine, since it is the fuel to the fire. Or maybe because my license was expired and no one told me. I live alone.
When the sun is falling and the moon meets it halfway, I take a moment to bathe in the emotions that I've lived today. It take a long time because no one is waiting for me.
I think about the people I've met on the street, who will never meet me.
All those bashful smiles. Their animated blood that turns their face red. those sad eyes that cast down, possibly avoiding the cracks in the sidewalk as I once did.
'It's all too much for me.' I think, as I lie in the bed that smells like me. So comfortable I am, alone. So I fall asleep soundly.

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