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Ace and his crew finally made it to the final destination before their big celebration.
Chapter 11: Final Leg

The squad, comprised of Ace, Luna, Sarah, Lucy, Ken, and Luke, soared through the cerulean sky astride their loyal dragons, the gentle breeze and caress of the clouds whispering sweet nothings to the valiant souls who had braved the tumultuous wilderness for ten arduous days. As the wind tousled their hair and the sun illuminated their resolute faces, they reflected on the tapestry of trials and triumphs that had woven them together as allies and friends. Each of them had faced their fears, tested their mettle, and embraced the spirit of camaraderie that had moulded them into a formidable unit.

Upon reaching the fabled Dragon Knights' base, the staff member stationed at the landing site gaped in awe as the majestic dragons touched down with grace and power, their imposing figures commanding the attention of all who beheld them. The squad dismounted, their hearts thrumming with the pride of their accomplishments, and were met with exclamations of surprise and praise from the impressed staff. They were deemed the first to arrive, a feat that filled them with an indomitable sense of achievement.

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere that enveloped the base, the squad was granted a respite, and they seized the opportunity to partake in a luxurious communal bath. As the warm, soothing waters embraced their worn bodies, they shared stories of their adventures, their laughter echoing through the cascading steam that swirled around them. Luna, blessed with a fresh ensemble of spare clothing, revelled in the comfort of her new attire, an outward symbol of her resilience and fortitude.

Dinner beckoned, and the group congregated at the opulent dining hall, the air alive with lighthearted banter and the infectious energy of reunions among familiar comrades. The aroma of delectable dishes tantalized their senses as they indulged in the sumptuous feast, their laughter and camaraderie infusing the evening with warmth and joy. It was a celebration of their unyielding bond, an ode to the moments of valor, vulnerability, and victory that had bound them together.

As the night retreated into its enigmatic embrace, the squad bid their farewells and retreated to their respective dormitories, their hearts alight with the memories of their extraordinary odyssey. The splendor of their friendship and the promise of new beginnings beckoned to them, ensconcing their dreams in the sweet embrace of slumber.

The dawn of a new day awaited, luminous with the whisper of untold adventures and the effervescent promise of the future. The final day was not an end, but a prelude to the wondrous tapestry of life yet to unfold for the intrepid souls who had forged unbreakable bonds amidst the wilderness.
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