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Waiting for someone to miss him
Helen and Rod wandered through the empty rooms in their new home. It was an old house with lots of charm, and no shortage of creaks and groans. In a closet on the third floor they spotted a dusty hatchway to the attic. For some reason it made the hair on Helen's neck tingle. They opened it and heard a voice.

"Please don't be frightened," it said. "I've been staying in this attic for many years and hope you won't make me leave. I wouldn't know where to go."

"Who are you?" whispered Helen.

"I'm Albert, and I'm a harmless ghost," came the reply.

"Do you have...unfinished business here?" asked Rod.

"Ha," chuckled Albert. "I don't know what fools came up with that 'unfinished business' malarkey, but its plain rubbish. The truth, at least as I know it, is that the deceased temporarily becomes a spirit until their loved ones express remorse for their having passed. Then the spirit can move on. Unfortunately, I was not very popular, and died far from home, quite unmissed."

“You had a great uncle named Albert, didn’t you, Helen?” asked Rod.

“Did I? I don’t remember anything. No wait, there is something. As a child, my family went to some relative's wedding. I was about five. It was an outdoor party and everyone was very loud and acting crazy. All except one old man sitting in a rocker on the back porch. I went up to him and he sat me on his lap and we talked. He told me stories and spoke to me like I was an adult, not a baby, and I liked him very much. I think about him sometimes. I wish I could see him again.

There came a soft 'pop' from the attic, then silence.
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