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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Action/Adventure · #2319121
When a thief enters and you're alone

Afraid, the girl hides in the closet

Burglars entered her home.

Closing her eyes, they search for her profit

Distinguished voices begin to roam

Every inch of her being shakes

Focusing on her fears in the moment

Gasping for air around these snakes

Her eyes can see the encroachment

It was impossible to believe

Jewelry began to float into the air

Karats of all kinds she could perceive

Levitating from all around, even her hair

Magic it seems, no ordinary burglars are they

Now the situation has changed for the worse

Outside she hears the howling wind blowing the hay

Perhaps a chance to disguise her traverse

Quietly she opens the door and steps out

Regardless of fear she makes a run

She storms and jumps all about

This tiny house shes about to shun

Under the howling wind, the wood floor creaks

Vicious burglars hear her creep

...to be continues

LC: 22
Words: 148
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