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A small paragraph on an the value of kindness
The Value of Kindness
We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

- Sir Winston Churchill

What is the value of a coin that comes back to you after you have spent it? What is the value of a waterskin that never dries out of water? What is the value of a fruit giving tree that once was a seed? Kindness is the most noble virtue a man can acquire. Kindness is the best ointment for the wound of an aching man. It changes hearts and softens the stones. It melts ice and cools down lavas. For a kind act you may receive nothing at least if not kindness itself. Kindness is the drop of water that causes a tiny wave in a still lake. The wave comes back to the point of origin after wetting the dry stones at the other end. Something that poured the drop in the lake never intended to wet those stones, yet it did. That drop is an act of kindness which returned as a wave. Humans have been living in this world for several million years now. From two to billions, they fought many wars and shed oceans of blood along with sky-touching walls of hate and creating differences based on cast color and creed. Surely hate is not the reason why humans have managed to continue living and producing. It is little act of kindnesses that let them live through millenniums. Al-Rehman is the greatest virtue of God in Islam. It means merciful. God is kind and has created humans to be kind to each other. The value of kindness cannot be measured or calculated. However though out history we have numerous examples of how the world pleased those who were kind and did not let their act of kindness unrewarded. In the late fifth century BC, Camillus was laying siege to the city of Falerii in a war with Etruscans. In the city, there was a tutor who was entrusted with the children of very noble and powerful families. He betrayed them and took the children out of the city walls and straight to Roman camp in hopes of getting reward. However, Camillus returned the children back to the city safely without harming them along with the tutor. The city was so impressed with this act of Camillus that they surrendered. So, I ask, what is the value of kindness that gave Camillus victory over a city and the trust of its people who were at war with him? And what is the value of a coin that comes back to you after you have spent it?

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