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by Lily
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A poem about having to leave my lover, but missing their presence in exchange.

These nights have felt colder recently.

My independence makes me feel lonelier than it should be.

I stay up wondering if I made the right choice.

Leaving you, which was not easy, has made me grow.

I bloom in the night by remembering your scent, smile, and body.

My love for you flourishes as I close my eyes.

My room turns pink.

The lights dim.

It doesn't help that I sense your ghost next to me.

But it helps me envision the comfort you gave me.

The warmth of my new blankets reminds me of the old ones.

The ones that we slept under together.

Even though it took us a while, we still fell asleep.

I knew it wasn't just me, I knew it was us.

We, both, us.

I miss us.

I miss you.

The comfort and warmth you gave me not only warmed my body, but my heart and soul.

When your kind eyes gazed upon me at night, caring for me.

I couldn't help but want you even more.

Which is why leaving you has made me grow.

Grow away from you.

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