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by angel
Rated: E · Chapter · Entertainment · #2320133
This about a daughter who can't sleep so takes her anger out her madre
Maria is a tall girl who is 17 years old, with long shinny smooth hair with pretty and fair brown skin, she was also skinny. Maria liked to

watch shows with spells and curses her Madre who's name is Angela told Maria "Maria sweetie, I know you like those shows but they

can make you paranoid, you stop watching those shows it'll mess with your sleep." Maria rolled her eyes, she thought Madre was crazy

and know what she was talking about and Maria just said "Whatever Madre!" It was 10:00 at night Maria was watching tv, when Angela

came in with her pink robe, purple hair cap and blue,fluffy chanclas with a laundry basket and told Maria to turn off the tv. Maria said

" No why do have come here in here acting like a puta! Angela was stunned and took off her chanclas, Maria was pleadin for her mom to

stop kindly.
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