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by jadyn
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a simple love poem for beautiful Mother Nature.
the sweet, billowing breeze rushes to greet my nose
my eyes flutter closed as i absorb the energy whirling around me
raindrops bead on my forehead as Mother Nature kisses the top of my head
i stand, unwavering in the face of the storm

a smile stretches across my face
i know i remain divinely protected
i need nobody else
for i have Mother Nature standing at my side

Her arms encase me in a shell of safety
my love extends further than any physical being
for my Mother resides everywhere

Her veins course through the branches of the trees i hung from as a child
Her lungs reside in the rolling hills of the NorthWest
Her failures lay in the vast valleys full of memories past
And She stares fondly at me from within the milky threads of clouds above

Her expression is soft; She understands the love i once yearned for..
that i now experience at Her hands

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