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by angel
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love isn't always magical,so I decided to write this
Sometimes I wish I had amnesia to forget all the pain, heartache, depression. I don't get how you say you love me but forget about me. How

can you say you miss me and when you're doing just fine. So, you see I wish I had amnesia to forget the crying and the sleepless nights, the

the love I have for you. The painful thing is loving you. It hurts to love you because my love for you was true and pure. There wasn't any fake

love in my bones, my love was no game. It was legit and you pushed me away. Even though you push me away my love for you is still there

and will always be there. It's hard for me to find someone else when all I can think about is you and your love. I just wish you would stop being

so stubborn and see that you are my everything and that I would die for you. I wrote vows to you, and I meant every word, the word "vow" isn't a

word it's a promise and I am keeping mine, but the question is are you keeping yours?
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